g52-53 | M’s take the ‘Vedder Cup’ in crazy fashion . . .


g52 Mariners 6 | Padres 14

Scoring SIX runs should by indicative of a win but, unfortunately, James (subbing for Felix who’s now on the DL with a calf strain) had a rough 2016 debut. He didn’t even survive the 4th and made a costly error that contributed to a SIX run 1st inning for the Padres.

The bullpen wasn’t much help – Joel and Steve each allowed FOUR hits and THREE runs! (and, Joel found himself DFA’d after the game)

The good news was: Kyle, Robbie, Nellie and Guti all stayed HOT, HOT, HOT (even Luis had a couple of hits!)

g53 Mariners 16 | Padres 13

You think the score is crazy? Wait till you hear how they got there!!!

THE biggest come-back in Mariners organization HISTORY!

Down 12-2 in the going into the 6th, the M’s proceeded to score FIVE in the 6th and NINE in the 7th to seal what would become one of the craziest wins ever (luckily, I got home just as the 7th inning started so, got to witness history, at least via TV). Obviously, not a lot of pitching on either side (Miley w/his worst M’s start) but, the ‘new guy’, Cody Martin gets the victory for the M’s

I’ll let some tweets tell the story . . . 




g50-51 | mini-sweep (whisk?)

Would have been nice to get some of this pitching and hitting in the Twins series but, we’ll take it! In the mini two-game sweep, M’s outscored the Padres 25-7


g50 Mariners 9 | Padres 3

Nate  a  l  m  o  s  t  made it through SEVEN . . .
the Padres scored early but, they didn’t score often
SIX.TWO innings ~ EIGHT hits ~ TWO earned runs ~ ONE walk ~ SIX strikeouts

Bully . . . 
Steve, Joaquin and Joel combined for the rest (Joel allowed a ONE run shot)

The M’s didn’t score early but, they did score often . . .
~ NINE total hits – FIVE for extra bases
~ Seth w/TWO doubles
~ Kyle and Dae-Ho w/homers

* couple of errors – one each by the starting battery
* DP turned (DH-O’Malley-DH)

g52 Mariners 16 | Padres 4

Kuma was perfect through FOUR, not allowing his first hit until a lead-off single in the 5th. He managed to get out of that inning unscathed but, later allowed THREE homers before his outing ended . . .
SEVEN innings ~ FIVE hits ~ FOUR earned runs ~ ZERO walks ~ FIVE strikeouts

Bully . . .
Vidal and Monty combined for TWO scoreless innings 🙂

lots to smile about here . . .
~ every starter had at least ONE hit except Robbie (who walked THREE times)
~ FIVE starters had multiple hits (Nori, Seth, Nellie, Kyle, Adam)
~ FIVE homeruns (Kyle, Seth (2), Guti, Adam)
~ TEN walks
~ 5/8 w/RISP
~ odd – no doubles

ONE double-play (Kyle-Luis-Adam)

tweets of the series . . .


g36 | another roller coaster ride that didn’t end well . . .

Mariners 7 | Angels 9

roller coaster

The first time the M’s have lost two in-a-row since April 19th
First series loss since April 11-13 vs. Texas
figures it would be the (currently) lowly Halos 😦

Kuma was hanging in nicely, until the 7th when it all unraveled . . .
a lead-0ff homer, a double, a single and the Halos took the lead and Kuma made an exit
SIX.ONE innings ~ NINE hits ~ FOUR earned runs ~ ONE walk ~ TWO strikeouts

and the pitching definitely went downhill from there . . .
} Joel allowed back-to-back homers, giving the Halos a 6-2 lead
} Mayckol actually was good – ONE.TWO scoreless innings
} Steve, on the other hand, had his second consecutive blown save+loss

~ good news: double-digit hits and all the starters but one had at least one hit and the epic 8th inning comeback
~ bad news: only one walk and even though 4/10 w/RISP, soooo many blown opportunities

* Leonys’s first E
* nice DP to end the 1st (Kyle to Robbie to Adam)
* Steve C notches a caught stealing

tweets of the game . . . 


g35 | of slow starts, mid-pop and late losses . . .

Mariners 6 | Angels 7

Sad to say, this was only the second M’s game I’ve attended this season (plan to get that total up to at least 20 before season’s end!). I was a bit lat because of some work falderal. Didn’t get to my seat until the top of the 4th (which turned out to be when all the action started) and I was famished . . .



Nathan was so-so, only allowed ONE hit for extra-bases (a double that proved futile). The Halos just seemed to single, sac-fly and bloop hit him to death.
SIX.ONE innings ~ SIX hits ~ THREE earned runs ~ THREE walks ~ FIVE strikeouts

a rare, stumbling bully . . . 
Rare in that they came into the game 16-0 when leading after eight.
They (Vidal, Nick, Joel and Steve) combined for TWO.TWO innings with FOUR of the SEVEN hits they allowed for extra bases and they allowed FOUR earned runs.
Steve had a ONE run lead but, blew the save and took his second loss of the season. Hopefully, just an off-night and not the start of a struggle.

It was only the second loss for the M’s when scoring FOUR or more runs (now 16-2 in that category)

A little bit of everything from a little bit of everybody . . .
from sac flys (Leonys) to homers (Nellie & Chris) to bases-clearing triples (Ketel)

Nice to see the bottom third of the order coming through . . .
4/10 with TWO walks, TWO rbi, THREE runs scored

Cool to see the Columbia Center, Smith Tower and Century Link Field reppin’ their Mariners teal. . .



tweets of the game . . .


g33 | notchin’ another series win!

Mariners 6 | Rays 4

M’s jumped out to an early lead and added on significantly. The Rays chipped away and got close but, the home town nine hung in there 🙂

Wade was j u s t shy of a QS . . .
SIX innings ~ FOUR hits ~ FOUR earned runs ~ ONE walk ~ SIX strikeouts

The Bully was its usual stellar self . . .
with Nick, Vidal, Joel and Steve combining for THREE scoreless innings (and, Steve recorded his ELEVENTH save – a FOUR out variety!)

~ Every starter but one (Luis) had at least ONE hit
~ Nice to see another couple homers (Guti’s first, DeaHo’s fifth)
~ and even better that there were BASERUNNERS when they occurred


and they say Nellie can’t play the field . . .


tweets of the game . . . 

g32 | #4 goes 4 fer 4 and Felix is the King of Wins . . .

Mariners 5 | Rays 2

Congrats to Felix, the Mariners all-time leader in victories . . .

Felix was far from his sharpest but, he hung in through seven full for the extra-special win. . .
~ Good news:  he only gave up FOUR hits
~ Bad news:  TWO of them were homers
~ Good news: they were both solo shots
SEVEN innings ~ FOUR hits ~ TWO earned runs ~ TWO walks ~ FOUR strikeouts

Bully . . . 
Joel and Steve combined for TWO innings of ZERO hits/runs. Steve earning his TENTH save and preserving Felix’s historic victory 🙂


Have a day, Ketel!!!


tweets of the game . . . 


g30 | “holy Cannoli” ~ again!

Mariners 3 | Astros 2 (in 10)

No doubt who the ‘stros Daddy is 😉

who's your daddy

Nathan was nasty!
SIX.ONE innings ~ SIX hits ~ ONE earned run ~ TWO walks ~ NINE strikeouts

Bully . . .
Nick, Vidal, Joel and Steve combined for THREE.TWO innings combined allowing ONE run
} unfortunately, that ONE run came in the bottom of the 9th, resulting in Steve’s first blown save.
} fortunately, he was able to protect the lead he was given in the top of the 10th and earned his second victory

just another DOUBLE-DIGIT hit game!
~ Kyle with a HOMER and a TRIPLE!
~ Robbie w/TWO more homers (including the one that would ultimately win it in the 10th)

tweets of the game . . .

g28 |rollin’, rollin’, rollin’ . . .

Mariners 6 | Astros 3

comeback kids

Really nice to see our hometown nine with both the supreme confidence and the true ability to come back (multiple times) . . .
not something we are accustomed to but, quickly becoming something we expect.

Well, ‘t was no complete game but, a more than decent outing for Wade against (despite their record) a more than decent line up (a hard luck no decision)…
SIX innings ~ FIVE hits ~ TWO earned runs ~ TWO walks ~ FIVE strikeouts

Bully . . . 
} Joel didn’t fair too well – only retired ONE of the THREE batters he faced
} Nick allowed an inherited runner to score, walked ONE and allowed ONE hit (a lead off double in the 8th) but, he got a ton of help from his defense (out at home, fly ball out, a double play)
} Steve allowed a double in the 9th but, recorded THREE fly outs to earn his NINTH save

Top of the order AND the Bottom of the order coming through . . .
~ 1,2,3,8,9 = TEN hits, SIX rbi, SIX runs scored
~ a rare “no homer” night
~ TWELVE total hits w/only TWO extra base hits (Robbie’s double, Kyle’s triple)

the ‘stros have a pretty great defense but, the M’s were hanging with them . . .
* a nice OF assist (Martin, Ketel, Chris) in the 8th for the out at home
* TWO double-play

tweets of the game . . .


g16-18 | yes, you guessed it, another road series win!

g16 Mariners 5 | Angels 2 (in 10)

g17 Mariners 2 | Angels 4

g18 Mariners 9 | Angels 4

tweets of the series . . . 

g10 | road SWEET road!

Mariners 7 | Yankees 1

on the road, thankfully, again 🙂

road love

Nate IN and OUT of trouble . . .
obviously, too many walks but, the solo shot in the first was the only XBH against him and that “getting out” part gives him a little grit factor 😉
FIVE innings ~ FIVE hits ~ ONE earned run ~ FOUR walks ~ SEVEN strikeouts

Bully back to form . . . 
Tony, Joel, Vidal and Monty combining for FOUR innings only ONE hit and ZERO runs

Nice to see the Yanks with “Mariner-itis” (ZERO for TWELVE w/RISP)

Lots to like here! (as @Gary Hill would say 🙂 )
~ first double-digit hit game (12) since the last two games in the opening series in Texas
~ only the third game the M’s have scored more than THREE
~ FOUR extra-base hits (THREE doubles and a homer)
~ Robbie, Nellie, Adam and Chris all with multi-hit games
~ more walks than K’s (when does THAT happen?)
~ in fact, the fewest strikeouts (THREE) for the M’s in a game so far this season
~ Seth and Guti shared the DH spot tonight (Guti getting over the effects from the flu) and combined for ONE run, TWO hits, TWO rbi and ONE walk
~ Chris with THREE hits, including a TWO-run homer
~ Ketel with his first SB
~ Kyle REALLY starting   s   l   o   w   (he’ll get it turned around though!)

} couple of nice catches in the outfield and fine plays in the infield
} no errors (but the Yanks had one)
} no DP’s turned (though the Yanks turned THREE ;-( )

tweets of the game . . .