g134 | Taijuan & Abraham make their respective big league debuts

Mariners 7 | Astros 1


Taijuan Walker retired the first EIGHT batters he faced in “the bigs” (fly out, ground out, ground out, strikeout, pop-up, fly out, pop-up, ground out) in Houston, Texas and finished with a line of . . .
FIVE innings ~ TWO hits ~ ONE run ~ ZERO earned runs ~ ONE walk ~ TWO strikeouts

to record his FIRST major league victory and these other “firsts” . . .

: first OUT, a fly out to CF by Robbie Grossman
: first STRIKEOUT to Jason Castro (in the 2nd)

: first BASE-RUNNER, a double in the 3rd (not at all well played by Raul in LF)
: first RUN allowed, of the UNearned variety, a RARE fielding error by Justin (should have been the third out)
: first walk to Bret Wallace in the 4th
: first “assist to himself” a nicely fielded bunt and a nice, calm throw to Justin at 1B for the out

} the bullpen, once again, quite impressive: Carter, Charlie and Ollie combined for FOUR innings of scoreless relief to preserve Taijuan’s first major league victory in his major league debut.

wow – Abraham can FLY!!
His first major league RBI came on what looked would be a routine DP but, he was safe on his super hustle. He collected his second RBI on his FIRST hit later in the game . . .

~ Nick and Henry had a rough night at the plate tonight but, everyone else contributed in one way or another.
~ Dustin was definitely the hitting star ~ FOUR hits (including a triple) with FOUR RBI and a RUN scored

Despite the rare error by Justin (and the NOT so rare mis-play by Raul) there was some pretty nifty DEE, including . . .
* the afore-mentioned play by Taijuan
* a definite web gem by Dustin on a running/sliding catch into the CF wall


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g130 | FOUR straight, in a bad way . . .

Mariners 3 | Rangers 8

Prior to the game, it was announced that the M’s had DFA’s Aaron Harang and activated Franklin Gutierrez from his rehab stint in Tacoma . . .


Safeco Joe hasn’t been such in a long while and tonight was no different . . .
Rangers scored TWO right away (and made Joe throw a LOT of pitches in the process) but, then he settle down for a few innings – Rangers would get another TWO (to ‘untie’ the game at TWO) and then, the big blow in the 7th – a THREE-run shot off AJ’s bat (after an intentional walk to Beltre). Seems rather odd to see no K’s . . .
SEVEN innings ~ NINE hits ~ SEVEN earned runs ~ THREE walks ~ ZERO strikeouts

} Yoervis gave up a solo shot and a double in the 8th
} Ollie had one of his best outings since the ASB – retiring the side in order including TWO K’s

Once again, a rather pathetic hit total (FIVE) with Dustin and Brad getting their share (one and two hits respectively), as per usual. The only extra-base hit, a solo shot from Kyle. Humberto had the other hit.

The good news is: Guti didn’t seem at all tentative  (he was running and diving all over the place) and he came away healthy
The bad news is: he didn’t come up with any of those catches (and one was a run-scoring play) AND went 0-4 at the plate

Nice CS for Humberto-to-Brad


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from down on the farm . . . 

Heal fast and well, DJ!


g127 | here we go again . . .

Mariners 0 | Angels 2

It’s not often that a team gets only FOUR hits and FIFTEEN strikeouts and yet ends up the victor. Unfortunately, the Halos did just that. Felix recorded TEN of those strikeouts but, threw too many pitches (104) so, didn’t make it past the 6th . . .
SIX innings ~ THREE hits ~ TWO earned runs ~ ONE walk ~ TEN strikeouts

} Carter and Ollie combined for only ONE hit and FIVE more strikeouts in their THREE innings

Just nothing going against Richards, et al (only FIVE hits, all singles)

No SBs or DPs for the M’s (though the Halos turned TWO double-plays)

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g122 | Calgon (aka: Seahawks) take me away

OK. I admit it. My attention was mostly on the grid iron tonight, as the Seahawks played their first home pre-season game (beating the Denver Broncos quite soundly, I might add)

Mariners 3 | Rangers 15

Not a happy Felix day to say the least ~ especially the 2nd inning ~ FIVE’s nearly across the board in a BAD way . . .
FIVE innings ~ FIVE hits ~ FIVE earned runs ~ FIVE walks ~ FOUR strikeouts

Believe it or not, the M’s were actually in this game until the 7th, having scored ONE run in each of the first THREE innings. And then a pretty improbable 6th . . . Luke loaded the bases (an error by Brendan, a single and a HBP) and Carter came in and was indeed impressive, retiring the side in order without giving up a run!

Ollie took over for Carter in the 7th with TWO on, TWO out and gave up a TWO-run double (of course, charged to Carter). And then things REALLY fell apart in the 8th when Ollie gave up TWO walks and FOUR singles before being relieved by Charlie who allowed a FC, a single, a runner via a second Brendan error and a double. All told, Ollie tagged with SIX earned runs, Charlie with TWO (ONE unearned). absolute YUCK

TEN hits usually good, right?
Especially with a couple of doubles (Brad and Raul) and a home run (Kyle) and THREE players with multiple hits.
Well, doesn’t do much good when pitching, catching and throwing is nearly non-existent 😦

* Brendan, having not played in forever, with TWO errors
* Dustin with his second SB of the season
* Kyle caught stealing


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g118 | stinging the Rays

Mariners 5 | Rays 4

Erasmo started out rough, settled down to retire 9 of 11 at one point and then ended rough. The good news is, he’s improving in terms of efficiency . . .
5.1 innings ~ SEVEN hits ~ FOUR earned runs ~ ONE walk ~ SEVEN strikeouts

} the bullpen of Ollie + Yoervis + Danny combined for 3.2 scoreless with another FIVE strikeouts and The Lord earned his FIFTH save in as many chances and handed Erasmo his FOURTH victory (vs ZERO losses)

TWELVE hits and FIVE runs ~ I’ll take it! ‘specially when there are  . . .
~ an TWO-rbi single (Justin)
~ TWO doubles (Kendrys and Michael M)
~ an RBI TRIPLE (Dustin) that proved to be the difference in the game
~ and TWO homers (both by Brad!) involved!

No DP’s turned but, also another error-free game which (after that crazy series vs. the Jays) is a good thing!

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g114 | at long last, a hush fell over the sea of non-Mariner blue at Safeco Field

Weekday, day game – I SO wish I had chosen this one to attend instead of last night. Not only would I have witnessed an M’s victory on a day where I’d normally be at work – I’d have had the added bonus of “hearing the sound of silence” from Blue Jays fans.


Mariners 9 | Blue Jays 7

Let’s just say Aaron has had a bit of a struggle of late (given up FOURTEEN earned runs in his last TWO starts) . . .
TWO innings ~ FIVE hits ~ SEVEN earned runs ~ THREE walks ~ ZERO strikeouts

} thankfully, at least for now, the bullpen seems to have “found itself” again: Brandon (Win), Charlie, Yoervis, Ollie and Danny (Save) combined for . . .  SEVEN innings ~ SIX hits ~ ZERO earned runs ~ SIX walks ~ SIX strikeouts


~ It took them a couple of days but they found their stroke again but, they did, scoring SIX of their NINE runs in the 5th inning to take the 9-7 lead they would not relinquish . . .
~ They pounded out ELEVEN hits including TWO doubles (Justin & Kendrys), a triple (Nick – breaking an 0-27) and a homer (Humberto). Brad, Kendrys and Dustin all had TWO hits, nearly “everybody” scored and the RBI were spread nicely throughout the line up.

Look ma, no errors!!!
Humberto had a passed ball and the M’s didn’t turn any double-plays but, compared to last night, the field play was sparkling.

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g108 | Felix’s gem, Henry’s slam ~ all.for.naught

Heart-breaking doesn’t cover it. More like heart obliterating.

Mariners 7 | Red Sox 8

Speaking of heart . . . 
hard to bless Felix’s cuz he absolutely pitched it out.  Having posted the following line in Fenway tonight, he took over the AL lead in ERA and IP and is now second in strikeouts. But, he did not add to his win total and neither did the M’s . . .
SEVEN innings ~ SIX hits ~ ONE earned run ~ TWO walks ~ EIGHT strikeouts

The familiar refrain used to be that Felix gets “no run support”. Not so this season. He’s getting nearly a run more of support this season (as the M’s O is doing that much better overall). Looking at lately, in his last SIX starts (including tonight) the Mariners have scored 42 runs and he has given up SIX – and he’s 3-0 and the M’s are 4-2. Surely, with a SIX-run lead (even though it IS Fenway and the bullpen has had its issues) most had to be confident he’d come away with the W . . . .  argh!!!

then the bullpen implodes . . .
} starting with Charlie who gave up a lead-off homer in the 8th, making it 7-2 (but, still looking good for the W)
} Then enter Tom who just needed some work in this ‘non-save’ situation (he hadn’t pitched since earning his 24th save on Sunday at The Safe). Suffice it to say – it looked more like he hadn’t pitched all winter (and, just when we thought he’d straightened things out): walk, single, double, walk . . . all without recording an out. But, it’s still 7-3
} Enter Ollie in a rather odd circumstance when Robby’s call to the pen was apparently mis-construed by the ump – he wanted the righty (Medina) but, the ump said he’s called for the lefty (Ollie) so that’s who he had to go with. Anyhoo, not sure it really would have made a difference, seems like the mojo was already heavily in the RS corner. Ollie gave up two straight singles to get the RS to within TWO (7-5) and recorded a strikeout for the first out of the inning.
} Then Yoervis gave up the tying run on the 7th pitch to Gomes, then a walk and then the winning run on a fly ball to Nava.

The offense did their job, and then some . . .
~ ONE double (Justin), TWO triples (Brad and Kyle), ONE homer (Henry’s SECOND grand slam)

Kyle and Kendrys remain ON FIRE . . .
~ Kyle was 2/4 with TWO runs, a walk, a stolen base and an rbi (bunt single, of all things) and is now at an even .300
~ Kendrys had FOUR hits, ONE run, ONE rbi

Nick on a little slide (another 0-5)

Ack with an OF assist (lotta that going on lately) DP for the last out of the 3rd – caught a sac-fly and then got Pedroia trying to get to 2B

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g107 | one houdini act too many = series loss in Boston

M’s fight through 15 innings on the last day of July to lose and record only their second series loss of the month (both vs the Red Sox)

Mariners 4 | Red Sox 5 (in 15 innings)

Kuma started out a bit rough, loading the bases on THREE straight singles in the 1st inning . . . 
But, he was able to escape with a 1-2-3 double play and then a line out after a walk. He then allowed only TWO hits over the next THREE innings. Unfortunately, his defense let him down in the 5th when Boston took the lead on TWO unearned runs. He left with TWO on, TWO outs in the 6th . . . .
5.2 innings ~ SEVEN hits ~ TWO runs ~ ZERO earned runs ~ TWO walks ~ FOUR strikeouts

} Ollie came in and got the third out in the 6th on a strikeout . . .
Then things went sour in the 7th when he allowed a lead-off single and then a homer, giving up the go-ahead run to make it 3-4 Sox

} Enter the bullpen of Yoervis-Furbush-Farquhar who posted one of the best combined performances ALL season . . .
SIX innings ~ ZERO hits ~ ZERO runs ~ ONE walk ~ EIGHT strikeouts ~ ~ ~ ~Yowsa!

(how ’bout “Lord Farquhar”?!? In his last 9.1 innings, he hasn’t given up a run and he’s struck out FIFTEEN!!!)

} Lucas looked like he might continue the scoreless part . . .
he walked one in the 13th and gave up a lead-off double in the 14th but was able to escape both without damage. Not so in the 15th and final inning (lead-off walk, ground out, walk, strikeout, walk, single)

~ A total of SIXTEEN hits (TEN in the first NINE innings, SIX over then next SIX) with TWO doubles (Kyle and Michael S) and a homer (Kyle) that tied the game at FOUR in the 8th
~ Kyle and Kendrys with their typical multi-hit games (each had THREE hits) and THREE combined RBI
~ Brad, Raul, Michael and Humberto all had TWO hits each (first two as a Mariner for Humberto)
~ they had SO many chances in extra innings ~ just wasn’t to be

Some bad and some crazy good . . .
* Back-to-back fielding errors In the 5th (Dustin and Nick) allowed the initial RS tying run to score
* In the 14th, Michael S makes a catch in CF and an AWESOME on-the-fly throw home and Humberto tags the runner out

* Unfortunately, the RS countered in the next inning with an unassisted DP of their own ~ Gomes makes a great, sliding catch and then runs in to tag teh 2B bag that Raul had vacated 😦

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g103 | of injured catchers, Kings of the mound and bats gone cold . . .

So, the lastest bad news, reported prior to the game tonight, is that Mike Zunino does indeed have a broken bone – the hamate bone in his wrist. He’ll have surgery and is expected to miss approximated SIX weeks as he recovers and rehabs.

As an emergency signing, the M’s picked up Humberto Quintero (recently DFA’d by the Phillies)

So, with 41-year-old “Hank White” behind the plate for 13 innings tonight and a day game tomorrow, good chance that Humberto will get his first start with the M’s less than 24-hours after joining the team.

Mariners 2 | Twins 3  (in 13)

Felix’s string of TWENTY-FOUR scoreless innings (a career high) was broken in the 9th inning of this game . . .  oh so close. This was shades of the Felix starts of old (where he gives his absolute all and is not rewarded due to stone cold bats) as opposed to the recent stretch where he received 33 runs of scorching offensive support in his last four starts . . .
NINE innings ~ FIVE hits ~ ONE earned run ~ ZERO walks ~ ELEVEN strikeouts

Greg Johns Wrap

Hernandez is 6-0 with a 2.18 ERA over his last 11 starts and hasn’t lost since May 25 against Texas.

The 2010 American League Cy Young winner struck out 11 on the night, giving him 158 for the season. He becomes the third pitcher with eight seasons of 150-plus strikeouts by his age-27 season, joining Bert Blyleven (1971-78) and Walter Johnson (1908-15).

} Charlie, Tom and Ollie gave it their best as well, posting a combined THREE scoreless innings of extra-inning relief
} Yoervis had a really rough go, and ended up giving up the game-winning hit for the Twins that was a FIRST for both players: – a TWO-run home that was the FIRST home for the player that hit it and the FIRST homer Yoervis had allowed all season)

~ Gettin’ ’em on wasn’t a problem . . .
‘t was just gettin’ ’em in and over that was the issue tonight.
~ Nick, Endy, Kendrys and  Kyle all with multi-hit games
~ Kendrys with a home in the bottom of the 13th . . . too little too late 😦


A DP and a nice snag of a line shot by Kyle to end the 11th (all I gleaned from the various tweets, etc. as I didn’t actually see or hear the game – “girls night at the track” 😉 )

tweets of the game . . .

g102 | going batty on minnie

Well, ‘t wasn’t easy – Kuma had to work out of jam after jam  – he had runners on base in every inning he pitched except the 5th (including the bases loaded with only one out in the 3rd) but, he was able to escape without damage each time (ground ball to fly ball ratio ~ 10/1). Unfortunately, because his normally solid infield was not so tonight, he had to throw many more pitches than he should have. That said, the line for his line TENTH victory was still pretty lovely . . .
SIX innings ~ FOUR hits ~ ZERO runs ~ ONE walk ~ NINE strikeouts

} Danny’s becoming known to some as “Lord Farquhar” but I like to think of him as the “two steps forward, one step back” kid  😉 as he is averaging TWO strikeouts and ONE earned run per appearance so far this season. The good news is he improved BOTH of those stats tonight – he struck out THREE and gave up ZERO runs in TWO complete innings. Good on ya, Danny!
} Ollie shaky again tonight, gave up a couple of runs but, since the bats had rekindled their fire, it was only garbage time.

~ The 2nd inning was really all they needed 😉
that happens when you score SIX runs on SEVEN hits including THREE doubles and a THREE-run homer (Nick)
~ A rather odd box score in that every Mariners starter had a hit except Raul (he walked once) and every Mariner that got a hit, got exactly ONE hit, except Dustin (who had THREE)
~ Kyle, Brad, Kendrys and Dustin all with doubles (Dustin had TWO)

* Unusually rough night in the field for the infielders ~ THREE errors (TWO by Kyle) and a couple other close ones.
* Good to see Ack with a super running catch (I’ll admit I was having a rough time seeing him there but, he seems to be slowly, steadily improving out there

STAT of the game . . . 

SCARE of the game . . . 

Mike Z left in the top of the 5th with what we would later find out was a wrist injury suffered in a game a couple of days ago. X-rays were negative and it doesn’t sound like anything serious (in fact, he said on the post game if it had been a close game, he’d have probably toughed it out). Henry came in an promptly hit an RBI double!

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looking forward to Happy Felix Day, tomorrow!