g79 | swept by the bucs

Mariners 2 | Pirates 4

I had been looking forward to this game for awhile now . . .
Ever since I selected it as my “weekday treat”. I try to attend at least one weekday afternoon game during the season. A couple years ago I attended one against the Halos – on a glorious June day (so glorious, Torii Hunter lost a ball in the Safeco sun!). Last year I had planned to attend one in August but, work duties derailed my plan and . . . I missed Felix’s perfect game 😦    By pure luck, this game ended up on a Felix turn and, while he wasn’t perfect, he was pretty typical Felix. Unfortunately, the bats were pretty typical as well – and much more often than not – that doesn’t cut it.

But, despite the loss, being at the ballpark with a friend ~ including lunch and margaritas at Edgar’s ~ was a pretty splendid way to spend the day.

Felix rebounded fabulously from the horror show that was his last performance in Anaheim.
I heard something about him going up to one of the trainers or coaches (I didn’t catch who) after that game and grabbing them by the shoulders saying, “that will NOT happen again!”. Well, so far (save for a rough 31 pitch 4th inning where he gave up the TWO runs but also struck out the side), so good . . .
SEVEN innings ~ SIX hits ~ TWO earned runs ~ TWO walks ~ ELEVEN strikeouts

} Tom got another opportunity to get some work in and get right – and took another step forward . . .
He threw EIGHT pitches (5 fast balls, 3 curves) and got fly ball outs on both batters he faced.

} Charlie came in to take care of the last batter of the 8th . . .
and did so on THREE straight sliders (called, swinging, swinging). He gave up a hit and a sac bunt in the top of the 9th

} Yoervis entered with ONE out and a man on 2B . . .
He got the second out of the inning on a ground ball but then, an IBB to the lefty, Snider and then the righty, Mercer promptly hit an RBI single and got to 2B on the throw. He had the next batter, Marte struck out but, it was a wild pitch and he was able to get to 1B and another run scored and pretty much sealed the deal for the Bucs.

Not much to see here ‘cept yet ANOTHER Raul homer (his 18th – a solo shot), a Kendrys double and a Michael S sac fly. Nick also got another couple of hits (and leads the team in AVG at .287). But, considering the 0 fer 5 with RISP, another frustrating game where they had their chances and didn’t capitalize. Not to single out Kyle (since he’s been one of the more consistent hitters) but, the 9th inning was especially deflating after Mike Z got a pinch hit single and Nick’s single sent him to 3B – Kyle stepped to the plate and . . . grounded directly down the 1B line on the first pitch.

* a nifty strike ’em out, throw ’em out to end the 7th

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g78 | Pirates find treasure at The Safe

Mariners 4 | Pirates 9

The bad news ~ so much for “Safeco Joe” . . .
1.2 innings ~ SIX hits ~ SIX earned runs ~ ONE walk ~ ONE strikeout

The more or less expected news ~ Blake with decent mop up duty . . .
4.1 innings ~ FOUR hits ~ ONE earned run ~ TWO walks ~ TWO strikeouts

The good news ~ with a 1-7 deficit, Tom got a chance for his “soft-landing” . . .
struck out the side (swinging, looking, looking) in the 7th

Back to bad news ~ Carter continues to have long-ball-itis . . .
TWO more homers (his 8th and 9th of the season) one in the 8th, one in the 9th

~ Only FIVE hits but, a decent XBR ratio 😉
~ Kyle’s a solo shot in the 6th and Justin’s a 2-run in the 9th
~ Carlos had his first RBI on a single in the 2nd

* web gem from Carlos (at SS) backing up Kyle who got an in-between hop and had the ball deflected off his glove – Carlos made a rocket throw to 1B
* Nick with his FOURTH SB
* Kyle with a rare throwing error – would have been the third out of the 6th instead resulted in the Pirates seventh run

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g35 | Felix, Jesus and Tom, oh my!

Mariners 2 | Pirates 1

Typically, when a box score shows an offense with THREE hits and TEN strikeouts you’re not perusing the winning numbers (despite the FIVE walks). But, the Mariners aren’t your “typical” team (sometimes they win DESPITE themselves) and Felix is not your “typical” pitcher (obviously, he’s The King!)

Sucks that the first pitch was a 9:30am on a week day . . .
‘t would have been a great one to watch (albeit a bit frustrating along the way, as the 3-4-5- hitters went 0 fer 12 and left a combined NINE runners on base) from start to finish.

Not only the pitcher’s duel between Felix and Burnett but, some unusually good DEE from Jesus . . .
he picked off a runner and finally threw out his first would-be base-stealer of the season (SIXTEENTH time’s the charm, right?!?). Not to mention his third homer of the season that turned out to be the winning run!)

So, all-in-all, the battery done good (Felix’s FIFTH win) and The Bartender didn’t allow a last call (NINTH save)


tweet of the game . . . 


g34 | bats the pits in the ‘burgh

Mariners 1 | Pirates 2

The game was just about over by the time I got to the social event I attended after work – so I was unable to see the “good Aaron” and the “bad bats”.

Aaron’s performance was more encouraging than expected . . .
SIX innings ~ FIVE hits ~ TWO earned runs ~ ZERO walks ~ SIX strikeouts
Sign us up! We’ll take that everyday and twice on Sunday from Mr. Harang

} Charlie posted a nice inning (heard this one on the radio on the way home) with TWO strikeouts
} Carter was a little down, then a little up . . .
ground ball out, walk, then an erase of the walk with a caught stealing, a single by Mr. hit every AB McCutchen) and then BOOM a homer puts the Bucs up 4-1 – where they would stay.

Not a good day at the plate when strikeouts (11) outnumber hits (5) + runs (1) + walks (2) + RBI (1)

~ Rauuuuuuul did what he was actually brought in to do (besides be that “veteran presence” in the clubhouse) come off the bench to pinch hit (an RBI double in this case).
~ Michael S, Kyle, Justin and Dustin each with singles
~ Michael M was p r e t t y  close to wearing the golden sombrero for the evening

* Michael A with a SB
* Carter with a CS
* no DP’s

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