g149 | what happened to our Road Warriors?

Mariners 1 | Angels 8


They say, all good things must come to an end unfortunately it also coincided w/Kuma’s troubles of late . . .
He retired the first EIGHT men he faced (including FOUR via K) but, once he allowed that TWO-out walk, Kuma wasn’t able to recover. He allowed a single and another walk, then the dagger was the SEVEN-pitch AB to Pujols who doubled and cleared the bases (then another double scored him and in seemingly a blink – it was FOUR-zip)
THREE.ONE innings ~ SIX hits ~ SEVEN earned runs ~ TWO walks ~ FOUR earned runs

} the bright side, was the pen of Dom, Lucas, Erasmo (!) and Yourvis combined for . . .
FOUR.TWO innings ~ THREE hits ~ ONE earned run ~ THREE walks ~ TWO strikeouts

Only SIX hits . . .
~ TWO for extra bases (LoMo and Robbie doubled)
~ the lone run came via a Humberto ground out that scored LoMo

ZERO DP’s turned (TWO turned against them) and Robbie with a rare error

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g130 | FOUR straight, in a bad way . . .

Mariners 3 | Rangers 8

Prior to the game, it was announced that the M’s had DFA’s Aaron Harang and activated Franklin Gutierrez from his rehab stint in Tacoma . . .


Safeco Joe hasn’t been such in a long while and tonight was no different . . .
Rangers scored TWO right away (and made Joe throw a LOT of pitches in the process) but, then he settle down for a few innings – Rangers would get another TWO (to ‘untie’ the game at TWO) and then, the big blow in the 7th – a THREE-run shot off AJ’s bat (after an intentional walk to Beltre). Seems rather odd to see no K’s . . .
SEVEN innings ~ NINE hits ~ SEVEN earned runs ~ THREE walks ~ ZERO strikeouts

} Yoervis gave up a solo shot and a double in the 8th
} Ollie had one of his best outings since the ASB – retiring the side in order including TWO K’s

Once again, a rather pathetic hit total (FIVE) with Dustin and Brad getting their share (one and two hits respectively), as per usual. The only extra-base hit, a solo shot from Kyle. Humberto had the other hit.

The good news is: Guti didn’t seem at all tentative  (he was running and diving all over the place) and he came away healthy
The bad news is: he didn’t come up with any of those catches (and one was a run-scoring play) AND went 0-4 at the plate

Nice CS for Humberto-to-Brad


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from down on the farm . . . 

Heal fast and well, DJ!


g128 | Halos hot, M’s bats sub-zero

Mariners 1 | Angels 5

The good news was Erasmo’s decent outing . . .
6.2 innings ~ SEVEN runs ~ THREE runs ~ TWO runs ~ TWO walks ~ FIVE strikeouts

} The bad news was, Brandon’s not-so-decent inning (TWO runs

OK – the OTHER bad news was that the M’s scored ONE run (when Humberto scores on a Nick ground out)

Endy made an error but also a spectacular catch

The Halos also had an error and turned TWO DP’s against the M’s


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g125 | comin’ from behind – rare but, fun!

Mariners 7 | Athletics 4

To say Joe had a rough start is a bit of an understatement . . .
giving up FOUR runs (on 40 pitches!) in the 1st inning is never a good sign but, he defied pessimism and hung in there, scattering FIVE hits over the next FIVE innings, thereby giving ’em a chance . . .
SIX innings ~ TEN hits ~ FOUR earned runs ~ THREE walks ~ TWO strikeouts

} Brandon got a little work, posting a scoreless 7th that included a strikeout
} Yoervis had a rather shaky inning, getting himself in and out of trouble (as has been is MO of late) with a hit and a couple of walks but, was able to escape damage
} Danny struck out TWO (including Cespedes to end the game) to earn his EIGHTH save in NINE tries

~ Nick with his first home run since July 28th cut the A’s lead in half (4-2) in the 3rd

Not much happened after that, on either side, until the top of the 8th . . .
the M’s recorded FOUR consecutive hits with no outs (Michael S single, Henry double, Brad RBI single, Nick RBI single) to tie the game at FOUR. Then, Kyle walked and, with Kendrys batting, a WP scored Brad (pinch-running for Henry) from 3B and then Kendrys hit a high chopper and a close play at the plate but Nick was called safe and the score was 6-4. Nick apparently got his knee scraped up by the catcher’s cleats blocking the plate. Raul had a long AB and ended up walking then, another WP, scored Kyle to make it 7-4, where it would stay.

thank heaven for the 8th cuz the 9th look a lot like last night . . .
Humberto was up to bunt, after Brad had singled, and hit a chopper that the catcher fielded bare handed and threw to 2B but, there was no baseman so, Brad got to 3B and Humberto ended up at 1B. Then, a couple of strikeouts and then Raul walked to load the bases  . . . and Justin flied out.


Nifty 1-3 ended the 5th and was ONE of THREE double-plays that helped Joe survive after that  L  O  N  G  1st inning (he also recorded a pick-off)

Nick’s knee required FIVE stitches and he’ll likely be out about a week


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g123 | yay for eventual asymmetry that leads to a road series victory!

Not sure I’ve ever seen such a “symmetrical” game, to a point . . .

  • no score through the 4th
  • tied at ONE after the 5th
  • tied at TWO after the 6th
  • neither team scores in the 7th
  • tied at THREE after the 8th

Luckily, the M’s were able to add a little asymmetry (aside from the total hit/error totals) in the 9th and take the series from the Rangers with a win over Darvish that went a long way to erase the yuckiness of yesterday and now they head off to Oakland with a 3-3 trip so far.

Mariner 4 | Rangers 3

Despite the no decision, Erasmo posted by FAR his best (and longest, not to mention most efficient) outing so far this season . . .
He allowed a lead-off base hit in the 1st inning that was erased on a double-play. then proceeded to retire another NINE in-a-row (to make it ELEVEN straight) until allowing a walk to Kinsler in the 4th. He didn’t give up his first run until the 5th (when the Rangers answered in the bottom of the frame after the M’s scored in the top) via a lead-off double, a groundout and a sac-fly. The Rangers played “answer” again in the 6th, scoring an unearned run  to make it 2-2. Erasmo then went 1-2-3 in the 7th to get the eventual no decision with a final line of . . .
SEVEN innings ~ FOUR hits ~ TWO runs ~ ONE earned run ~ ONE walk ~ TWO strikeouts

} Yoervis joined in the “run-matching” . . .
he allowed a run in the 8th, via a walk and a double, to tie the game AGAIN (thereby getting tagged with the blown save). I must admit, with Nathan coming in, I was not totally confident this game would end well for the M’s
} Danny does it again . . . in 1-2-3 fashion for his SEVENTH save

Through FOUR innings, Michael S had recorded the lone Mariners’ hit but, oh how things would change . . .
5th inning ~ Michael recorded his second hit, advanced to 2B on Dustin’s base hit, then stole 3B and scored when Endy grounded out.
6th inning ~ Michael recorded his third hit, an RBI double that scored Nick who was aboard via lead-off walk and the M’s regained a 2-1 lead
8th inning ~ Kyle walked and Kendrys singled and Dustin came through with his second hit that scores Kyle to make it 3-2 (unfortunately, Kendrys ended up caught between 2B and 3B and was tagged for the third out)
9th inning ~ Endy had a lead-off single and eventually scored via what turned out to be the game-winning RBI from, who else? Kyle Seager!


* DP in the 1st denies the Rangers in the 1st
* In the bottom of the 6th, the M’s tossed it around  . . .
Kyle double clutched after fielding a fairly routine grounder, hence the throw and catch and stretch by Justin is   j u s t   a hair late. Humberto then airmailed a throw to 2B trying to nail a base-stealer, who advanced to 3B. Beltre rounded 1B after hitting a long fly ball that scores a runner from 3B and was tagged out sliding back to the bag but, was called safe (thankfully, no further damage, as the next batter flied out).


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g112 | Kuma’s QS wasted

Mariners 1 | Blue Jays 3



Kuma wasn’t his sharpest, getting himself in and out of trouble all night long but, he still kept ’em in it. Rare though, for him to give up more walks than strikeouts (in fact, first time this season that happened).  The lead-off triple in the 8th was his undoing, he got an out before giving up the run-scoring, game tying single but that would be it for his night . . .
7.1 innings ~ FOUR hits ~ TWO earned runs ~ THREE walks ~ TWO strikeouts

} Yoervis was, shall we say, less than effective (unlike his outing in BAL yesterday) he recorded an out but then allowed a single, threw a wild pitch and walked a batter to load the bases
) Enter Ollie who allowed a TWO-run single that put the Jays ahead 3-1, then in the 9th he allowed a double but no runs – too little, too late

They were able to get their share of hits off Dickey but, only one that counted . . .
~ Justin had a VERY HIGH homer – such that the  camera TV couldn’t capture the entire trajectory (I was also listening to the radio and Aaron described it as “scraping the moon”)
~ “the Michaels” were the only ones without a hit and, Humberto (of all people) was the only one to have TWO hits

* With TWO on TWO outs in the 8th after the Jays had just taken a 3-1 lead, Brad tagged a runner out (he slid right into Brad’s glove) but he was called safe (ended up being moot, as the batter struck out).
*I heard talk of another missed call (this one at 1B) but I didn’t see / hear that one (suffice it to say, ‘t wasn’t the umps best game)
* M’s turned ONE dp, Jays TWO
* Humberto was a bit of a mixed bag tonight ~ made some nice blocks and a nice pop-up catch but missed another and, on the bases missed tagging and going to 3B on a fly ball

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After the game, it was reported that Tom has been sent down to AAA Tacoma . . .
No announced corresponding move yet (I’ll guess Capps or Bawcom). Shannon mentioned on the post game that Jesus’s suspension leaves an opening on the 40-man though, so could allow someone from AA Jackson to be added.

g110 | THIS time, EIGHT is MORE than enough!

Mariners 8 | Orioles 4

Seems like Erasmo pitched much better than his line tonight . . .
probably because he only gave up TWO solo shots (to the best home run hitting team in baseball in their own bandbox park) while he was actually in the game (two inherited runners would score in the 7th) but, in any event, he showed nice steady improvement . . .
~ first outing with ZERO walks
~ ties season HIGH in K’s
~ records season LOW in hits
~ LOWEST pitch count this season (96 pitches still a lot for SIX innings, but better than 100+)
SIX innings ~ FOUR hits ~ FOUR earned runs ~ ZERO walks ~ SIX strikeouts

} Charlie allowed those previously mentioned inherited runners but, was able to record the requisite outs in the 7th
} Danny, as per usual of late, was sensational – he threw 16 pitches (13 for strikes) to get FOUR outs, TWO via K to record his FIRST major league SAVE. Methinks we may be seeing LORD Farquhar as the “savior” in coming games 🙂

woot! woot! the bats continue to sizzle . . .
SEVEN + EIGHT hitters = FIVE hits, ONE double, THREE homers, FIVE runs scored, SIX rbi

  • Michael with TWO homers and FIVE rbi
  • Justin with TWO hits – a DOUBLE and a HOMER and TWO walks
  • Brad with THREE hits and an RBI
  • Nick still no hits but, on TWO walks
  • Kendrys and Humberto each with TWO hits
 Michael's 3-run shot | Mitchell Layton, Getty Images

Michael’s 3-run shot | Mitchell Layton, Getty Images

* No DP’s but Kyle had a SB
* A curious 9-4-2-3 double play was turned against the M’s (wasn’t watching so, not sure who was to blame most) . . .
with runners on 1B (Nick) and 2B (Kendrys)  Raul singled and Nick tried to score, Raul thought he was going to so he went to 2B but, Nick was thrown out and when Raul got to 2B, Kendrys was standing there and Raul was left in no man’s land 😦 Luckily, because of the WIN, they can laugh about it now.

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g109 | bombs in Baltimore can’t overcome the mound melt down

But for the grand slam, ‘t was an 8-7 victory 😉

Mariners 8 | Orioles 11

Aaron used up his “monthly bad start” already here on the 2nd of August (he’s had one game every month where he’s given up 6+ runs) . . .
FIVE innings ~ SEVEN hits ~ SEVEN earned runs ~ TWO walks ~ ONE strikeout

Brandon didn’t fair any better in his second appearance since being recalled . . .
THREE innings ~ FOUR hits ~ FOUR runs ~ ZERO walks ~ TWO strikeouts

(Well, at least the bullpen got some rest after the horror show that was the series in Boston)

Certainly a decent night at the plate . . .
~ TWELVE hits ~ TWO doubles ~ FOUR homers ~ 3-5 w/RISP
(unfortunately, lately, it seems that when the offense clicks, the pitching implodes and when the pitching is shut-down, the bats ice up)
~ The “Michaels” had a nice night, combining for TWO homers, ONE double, THREE runs, FIVE rbi
~ Kendrys continues to scorch, FOUR for FOUR (including a homer), TWO runs scored and TWO rbi
~ Humberto with his first Mariner home run

ZERO dp’s and TWO errors (Raul and Brad) . . . certainly not a stellar glove night

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g107 | one houdini act too many = series loss in Boston

M’s fight through 15 innings on the last day of July to lose and record only their second series loss of the month (both vs the Red Sox)

Mariners 4 | Red Sox 5 (in 15 innings)

Kuma started out a bit rough, loading the bases on THREE straight singles in the 1st inning . . . 
But, he was able to escape with a 1-2-3 double play and then a line out after a walk. He then allowed only TWO hits over the next THREE innings. Unfortunately, his defense let him down in the 5th when Boston took the lead on TWO unearned runs. He left with TWO on, TWO outs in the 6th . . . .
5.2 innings ~ SEVEN hits ~ TWO runs ~ ZERO earned runs ~ TWO walks ~ FOUR strikeouts

} Ollie came in and got the third out in the 6th on a strikeout . . .
Then things went sour in the 7th when he allowed a lead-off single and then a homer, giving up the go-ahead run to make it 3-4 Sox

} Enter the bullpen of Yoervis-Furbush-Farquhar who posted one of the best combined performances ALL season . . .
SIX innings ~ ZERO hits ~ ZERO runs ~ ONE walk ~ EIGHT strikeouts ~ ~ ~ ~Yowsa!

(how ’bout “Lord Farquhar”?!? In his last 9.1 innings, he hasn’t given up a run and he’s struck out FIFTEEN!!!)

} Lucas looked like he might continue the scoreless part . . .
he walked one in the 13th and gave up a lead-off double in the 14th but was able to escape both without damage. Not so in the 15th and final inning (lead-off walk, ground out, walk, strikeout, walk, single)

~ A total of SIXTEEN hits (TEN in the first NINE innings, SIX over then next SIX) with TWO doubles (Kyle and Michael S) and a homer (Kyle) that tied the game at FOUR in the 8th
~ Kyle and Kendrys with their typical multi-hit games (each had THREE hits) and THREE combined RBI
~ Brad, Raul, Michael and Humberto all had TWO hits each (first two as a Mariner for Humberto)
~ they had SO many chances in extra innings ~ just wasn’t to be

Some bad and some crazy good . . .
* Back-to-back fielding errors In the 5th (Dustin and Nick) allowed the initial RS tying run to score
* In the 14th, Michael S makes a catch in CF and an AWESOME on-the-fly throw home and Humberto tags the runner out

* Unfortunately, the RS countered in the next inning with an unassisted DP of their own ~ Gomes makes a great, sliding catch and then runs in to tag teh 2B bag that Raul had vacated 😦

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g104 | bats still chilly, pen UN-relieving . . .

Aaron’s start was far from his worst in terms of giving up runs (though the TWO walks in ONE inning were a bit unusual) he just threw WAY too many pitches (credit the Twins batters for working him hard)
FIVE innings ~ THREE hits ~ ONE earned run ~ TWO walks ~ FIVE strikeouts

} Lucas had a totally clean 9th but, by that time it was too late as Charlie, Yoervis and Danny had already combined to give up THREE runs on THREE hits and THREE walks in THREE innings

(NOTE: this morning, the Mariners recalled Brandon Maurer from AAA Tacoma and optioned Hector Noesi)

Not a lot to see here ~ only SIX hits and only ONE for extra bases (Kendrys’ double)
But, the good news is Brad and Kyle continue to see their averages climb (both with TWO more hits)

* Endy made a great catch and throw to hold a runner at 2B but then, an error on the next play allowed a runner to 3B and to eventually score.
* Seems Humberto was at least serviceable behind the plate. He had an inconsequential passed ball and threw out a runner trying to steal

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