ex2 | sailors of Seattle no match for the giants of Yomiuri

Mariners 3 | Giants 9

I happened to wake up from a sound sleep to see that the M’s game had started just minutes before (at 3am PT) so I watched on my phone for a few minutes and drifted in and out of sleep.  Ackley had already homered but that was countered by a Giants home in the bottom of the inning.  Ackley would later triple and Seager a double (for an RBI) and Ichiro had the other RBI.  And that was all she wrote for the offense.

And things did not get any better on the pitching side of the ledger.  To say Iwakuma struggled would be an extreme understatement. Some, since, have enve speculated injury.

And then there was the defense that shown initially with a nice DP as well as an outfield assist by Carp but later, 2 passed balls by Quiroz, a failed pick off by Sherrill and a throwing error by Liddi (all in the 6th inning!) erased all that.

Let’s just say – they are glad this one doesn’t “count”.

But, there were some pretty cool outings earlier in the day prior to the game…

Like the visit to Camp Zama that Justin Smoak, Dustin Ackley and George Sherrill took (complete with a ride in a Blackhawk helicopter!)

courtesy Greg John’s twitpic

Yu Darvish goes to…..

The Texas Rangers!


The winning bid was $51.7mil …
and the Rangers and Darvish now have 30 days to come to terms on a MLB contract.


Some M’s news over the past week….

Alex Liddi honored as “ambassador of baseball” in Italy

Liddi was honored recently by the Italania baseball federation — officially known as Federazione Italiana Baseball Softball (FIBS) — in an event that drew a record 800 fans to the season-ending gala at the city’s theater.
FIBS president Riccardo Fraccari called Liddi ”the real ambassador of Italian baseball” after he became the first player from his country to play in the Major Leagues since 1954 and the first-ever who grew up playing strictly in his homeland.

MiLB names Mariners organizational All-Stars…
Starting pitching and outfield depth strong suit in M’s minors

And down under…
Denny Almonte and James McOwen selected to represent Team World in the inaugural Australian Baseball League All Star Game on December 21st in Perth

Various “Welcome Backs”…

  • re-sign Chris Gimenez to a major league deal (just days after non-tendering him)
  • re-sign Guillermo Quiroz (you can never have too much catching)
  • And, an oldy but goody, George (Sherrill)

M’s hit the International Market – sign Dominican SS Angel Yente

And, of course, rumors abound…
Japanese SS Menenori Kawasaki only wants the Mariners

Tenders, non-tenders, and such…

The deadline for tendering contracts was 9pm tonight.

Tendered: Jason Vargas, Shawn Kelley, Brandon League (all three arbitration eligible)
No surprises there

Non Tendered: Dan Cortes, Chris Giminez
Now two members of last year’s bully gone (Lueke traded for Jaso) and seems that Jaso’s addition made Gimenez expendable.  Not so sure about that though – catching hasn’t exactly been a strong suit ro the M’s (in terms of talent OR injury-freeness) but … good luck Dan and Chris, wherever you land!

The complete MLB “non-tender tracker” is here..


Unlike the “new” Marlins and the “shocking” Halos, the M’s were quiet at the Winter Meetings…

Recent additions…


And, it’s that time of year again…

Get Edgar to the Hall!


Down under goings on…

Denny Almonte and James McOwen selected to Australian Baseball League All Star Game


And, last but certainly not least…

Since the Seahawks just beat the Rams on Monday Night Football, I couldn’t resist sharing some Mariner related Seahawks tweets (I just LOVE how he is getting so into the Seahawks!)

 Felix Hernandez 

 great win guys congrats
 Felix Hernandez 

 good game bro congrats
 Jon Ryan 

 thanks Felix. Always good to get the W. Especially on Monday Night Football.