g159 | johnny all-staff starts

Mariners 6 | Astros 7

some do well, some do not . . .

bull pen

We knew going into the game, it would be a bullpen day . . .
} Tony Zych started things off well, going TWO.TWO giving up THREE hits but NO runs or walks and FOUR strikeouts
} Mayckol Guaipe did not fair so well , giving up TWO runs on THREE hits and ONE walk
} Logan Kensing gave up ONE run and was only able to retire ONE batter
} Ron Rasmussen retired the only batter he faced via a strikeout
} JC Ramirez had the roughest night of all allowing THREE runs on TWO hits and a walk
} Joe and Dave each posted a scoreless inning
} Danny lasted TWO full and allowed ONE run on THREE hits and posted THREE strikeouts

TWELVE total hits but, only TWO for extra-bases . . .
~ both homers as Kyle (26th) and Nellie (44th) go back-to-back in the 5th (both career highs!)
~ Ketel had TWO hits and Jesus S had THREE! (first career THREE hit game)

not a terrific night in the field FIVE total errors (FOUR by the ‘stros)

tweets of the game . . .

g158 | undefeated in the Dipoto era!

Mariners 6 | Astros 4

rally jig

Shawn O’Mallye with the Rally Jig!!!

Vidal threw a few too many pitches (and a couple in the wrong spot) but, kept ’em in it . . .
FIVE innings ~ SIX hits ~ THREE earned runs ~ ZERO walks ~ FIVE strikeouts

bully, bully!
JC, Carson and Tom combined for FOUR innings ~ TWO hits ~ ONE run ~ TWO walks ~ FOUR strikeouts
(and Tom earned his second win – recording FIVE outs)

Only NINE total hits but, they made ’em count!
~ Nellie and Robbie both with sac-flies in the 1st
~ Robbie with his TWENTIETH homer (a two-run shot )to tie the game at 4 in the 6th)
~ Shawn with a two-run single (w/the bases loaded) to give the M’s the lead in the 8th

Not much defense (on either side)
* no DPs
* M’s with one error (Jesus S) and Astros w/TWO

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the big news came yesterday, PC this morning . . . 

g139 | 0’fer safeco . . .

I’ll just be honest . . .  I don’t have the energy tonight 😦

Mariners 6 | Rangers 9

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g135 | down early, up late

Mariners 11 | Athletics 8


Well, not exactly what you drew up for Edgar . . .
ONE.ONE innings ~ SIX hits ~ FIVE runs ~ FOUR earned runs ~ ONE walk ~ ZERO strikeouts

the pen (and when I say ‘pen, I’m talking nearly the ENTIRE bullpen) was stellar then bad then so-so, then stellar again . . .
} Jose went ONE.TWO hitless, scoreless (and ultimately would get the WIN)
} Tony and Mayckol combined for THREE innings and THREE runs
} Logan, Vidal, Carson and Tom combined for THREE innings w/FOUR hits and ZERO runs (Tom earned his NINTH save)

THIRTEEN hits, SIX for extra-bases . . . not too shabby!
~ Kyle, Stefen and LoMo all with multi-hit, multi-RBI nights
~ Ketel, Kyle, Stefen all with multi-hit. multi-run nights
~ Brad with only ONE hit but THREE RBI

* John with a nice caught stealing of Burns – TWICE!
* TWO dp’s turned

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g157 | um, repeat yesterday’s post title :-(

Mariners 2 | Blue Jays 10

Felix definitely not being Felix . . . 
including a fielding error, couple of walks in ONE inning (one of the bases loaded variety) and an inning so bad he was replaced before it was over . . .
FOUR.TWO innings ~ SIX hits ~ EIGHT runs ~ FOUR earned runs ~ THREE walks ~ FIVE strikeouts

} Dom got the final out of the 5th (but not before giving up inherited runners)
} Erasmo pitched TWO full but, gave up TWO runs
} Yourvis was the only one with a clean sheet (though he did allow a walk)

It was just an ugly, ugly game at the absolute wrong time of the season 😦

Not a lot to see here . . .
THREE of the M’s SIX runs came in the only inning that they scored (the 3rd) when Michael led off with a double, Brad singled and Robbie hit a 2-run single for the M’s only runs.

Felix had the rare error and there were NO double-plays turned

tweets of the game . . .

(and it just got worse 😦 )


g154 | team meltdown . . .









Mariners 1 | Astros 10 

Mr Young’s struggled continued . . .
He gave up TWO 2-run homers in the 1st, an RBI double in the 2nd and back-to-back solo shots in the 4th which is when Lloyd finally made the switch . . .
THREE innings ~ EIGHT hits ~ SEVEN earned runs ~ ONE walk ~ THREE strikeouts

} Erasmo came in to relieve Chris and basically cruised through the 4th, 5th and 6th allowing only a walk and a single and no runs. Then came the 7th – where a THREE-run homer sealed the deal for the ‘stros
} Lucas had mop up duty – retired the side in order in the 9th

Move along, nothing to see here but, ONE walk by Austin, who scored the only run on Robbie’s RBI hit . . .
Things looked good in the 4th with THREE straight singles and no outs – Chris T struckout and Austin grounded into a (controversial – out on interference) double play. Only THREE more scattered singles the rest of the way.

Only ONE double-play turned but, THREE turned against them

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g149 | what happened to our Road Warriors?

Mariners 1 | Angels 8


They say, all good things must come to an end unfortunately it also coincided w/Kuma’s troubles of late . . .
He retired the first EIGHT men he faced (including FOUR via K) but, once he allowed that TWO-out walk, Kuma wasn’t able to recover. He allowed a single and another walk, then the dagger was the SEVEN-pitch AB to Pujols who doubled and cleared the bases (then another double scored him and in seemingly a blink – it was FOUR-zip)
THREE.ONE innings ~ SIX hits ~ SEVEN earned runs ~ TWO walks ~ FOUR earned runs

} the bright side, was the pen of Dom, Lucas, Erasmo (!) and Yourvis combined for . . .
FOUR.TWO innings ~ THREE hits ~ ONE earned run ~ THREE walks ~ TWO strikeouts

Only SIX hits . . .
~ TWO for extra bases (LoMo and Robbie doubled)
~ the lone run came via a Humberto ground out that scored LoMo

ZERO DP’s turned (TWO turned against them) and Robbie with a rare error

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g117 | series win!

Mariners 4 | White Sox 2

3 out of 4



Erasmo cruised through FOUR (including inducing TWO DP’s) . . .
FOUR.ONE innings ~ FOUR hits ~ ZERO runs ~ ONE walk ~ TWO strikeouts
but, something about the pop-up, HBP and single to start the 5th didn’t sit right with Lloyd so, after only 66 pitches, he pulled him in favor of Dom – who promptly induced the M’s 3rd double-play to end the inning

} Dom went on to pitch ONE.TWO scoreless, including a pick off and, ultimately, get the W
} Tom gave up a solo shot in the 8th but, retired all SIX other batters he faced
} Nando induced TWO ground balls that found holes and the WS had TWO on w/NO out in the 9th . . .
he hit a batter and gave up another single but, NO runs and end up striking out the side, to earn his 33rd save and preserve the M’s 62nd victory

Not hard to pick the PoG today: Austin drove in ALL FOUR runs . . .
~ TWO-run double in the 2nd and an RBI single in the 7th
~ all FOUR runs were scored by batters 7, 8, 9
~ batters 2 – 4 went 0’fer but, good to see both Chrises w/ TWO hits each – Chris T extended his streak of at least ONE hit in each of his (now 12) starts (granted, one of his hits today was a ‘sun double’ – but, we’ll take it!)

* THREE more DP’s turn for the M’s (and TWO turned against them)
* Dustin makes all THREE put-outs in the 8th


tweets of the game . . .


g100 | pitching and dee can’t do it all . . .

Mariners 1 | Mets 3

I wasn’t able to follow this one, maybe just as well.

Erasmo certainly didn’t disappoint in his “spot start” and, in fact posted his best game of the season . . .
SEVEN innings ~ FIVE hits ~ TWO earned runs ~ TWO walks ~ TEN strikeouts

} Tom went TWO full, giving up a solo shot and a walk

~ Dustin continued his hot hitting with TWO hits including an RBI double (the M’s only extra base hit that scored the M’s only run – Willie)
~ Other than that, just scattered singles (and Robbie went hitless, which is rare)
~ JJ recorded his 19th stolen base

Couple of nice DP’s and a nice come-backer play for Tom

tweets of the game . . .


g78 | struggling starter? just give me a couple of bats and a pen . . .

Mariners 8 | Red Sox 2

To-Do List - Win - Dry Erase Board ON the MOUND
Erasmo’s Houdini impression finally failed him . . .
he escaped the 1st without damage despite walking THREE, had a semi-clean 2nd (just a single), again eluded trouble with TWO on ONE out in the 3rd (thanks to the successful challenge of Dustin’s great-effort, non-catch in LF) but, the 4th would be his un-doing – a lead-off single and a TWO out TWO-run homer gave the Red Sox their only TWO runs of the game . . .
FOUR.ONE innings ~ FIVE hits ~ TWO earned runs ~ FIVE walks ~ TWO strikeouts

} and then, leave it to BeiQuharBushIna as Joe, Danny, Charlie and Yourvis combined for THREE.TWO scoreless innings allowing only THREE hits and ONE walk and striking out FOUR ~ Way to go, PEN!!!

Red Sox = oh fer NINE w/RISP

Another double-digit hit night (though only single digit runs) including . . .
~ RBI double (Kyle)
~ RBI triple (Endy – second in as many nights)
~ TWO homers (Kyle, 3-run and Mike, solo shot)
~ Sac-fly and a bunt base hit from LoMo (after the TWO homers last night – guess he’s versitile 😉 )
~ Brad with the “picket fence” – ONE hit, ONE run, ONE walk, ONE rbi, ONE strikeout

* LoMo with a diving snare of a liner in the hole between 1B and 2B
* Ack with an all out diving CATCH on the LF warning track corner CHALLENGED = OVER-TURNED (from the second angle they showed the ball popped out of his glove for a split-second (Lloyd made a challenge as well – asking if one runner had passed the other – apparently, the entire play had been reviewed and it stood (Ortiz with a base hit) but – all was moot, as the third out was accomplished before any runs could score)
* nice running catch up against the “small wall” on foul ball by Kyle

quote of the game . . .

“And the legend of Logan Morrison continues.” — Aaron Goldsmith (on LoMo’s bunt base hit)

tweets of the game . . . 


this one was actually from last night but, could still apply tonight 😉


meanwhile, down on the farm . . .