g135 | salvaging one from the laa laa’s

Mariners 2 | Angels 1

The Halos absolutely have Felix’s number but…
Iwakuma positively has theirs ūüôā

7.1IP + 5H + ZERO R + ZERO BB + 7K = AWESOME!

Elaine Thompson | AP

And speaking of numbers – how ’bout these?!?
Jesus Montero went 2 for 4 today with the two hits ~a homer and a single~ coming off Jeff Weaver bringing his lifetime total vs. Weaver to 5 for 9 with FOUR homers.

Now, Jesus wasn’t without his foibles during the game…
in fact, he was thrown out at home AND at 1B and his manager would comment in the post game that had he gone in ‘straight’ on both of those plays, he would have likely be called safe. Live and learn.

Anyhoo, Jesus and Carlos were the lone, “solo shot” offense today…

Joel Nicholson | US Presswire

While there were no DP’s turned, there was plenty of great DEE…
notably: Seager, Robinson and Smoak – that helped the M’s pitchers hold the Halos to 1-12 w/RISP

The Bartender has made the 9th a bit more interesting lately that most would like but…
he got it done for save number twenty-two!

g134 | UNhappy Felix Day

Mariners 2 | Angels 5

And the nemesis that are the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim continue to torture Felix.
* He is 0-2 with a 5.75 ERA in three starts vs. the Halos this season.
* He is 13-4 with a 2.04 ERA against everyone else.

‘t was a great game to be at ~until the 8th inning~ when the 2-1 lead evaporated to an eventual 5-2 loss.

thoughts from Torii Hunter and Eric Wedge…

“Felix is one of the best pitchers, if not the best pitcher in the game,” Angels right fielder Torii Hunter said after his 3-for-4 day. “If the Mariners get ahead while he’s on the mound, it’s going to be a battle, and we knew we had an uphill battle. We kind of shortened our swings and tried to really battle at the plate and we were able to come through with some big hits.”

“You know he’s going to go out there and compete,” Wedge said. “With his talent, ability and mindset, you always feel good about it. We had multiple opportunities to add on. If we make it 3-1 or 4-1, it’s a different ballgame. That’s really where we needed to do a better job today.”

Nice to see Guti with another double and Trayvon with another homer (on his birthday!) But, Wedge is right Рthey had more opportunities that went for naught.

g130 | “bend but don’t break” Kuma and the Carolina Connection

Mariners 5 | Twins 2

Kuma was far from sharp…
Four walks and a hit batsman, for starters. But, despite giving up a run in his shakiest inning (the third), he didn’t allow his first hit until the fifth and he made it through the sixth to earn his fifth victory.

On again, off again ‘pen…
The early version of the bullpen (Perez and Kinney) was good.
The late version of the bullpen (Furbush and Wilhelmsen) was a bit scary but, they got the job done and the Bartender earned his TWENTIETH save.

Then the was the Carolina Connection offense…
Kyle Seager with a two-run homer
Dustin Ackley with a three-run shot

Jim Mone | AP

Brendan Ryan didn’t collect any RBI but…
he did go 3 for 4 with two doubles (enough to get him over the Mendoza line!) and scored 2 runs

Trayvon Robinson stole TWO bases!

And, the DEE still going strong – TWO more DPs!

g123 | stirred, not shaken, vs. the Tribe

Mariners 5 | Indians 3

47-2 when leading after NINE innings …

make it FORTY-EIGHT – TWO!
make it SIX in-a-row
make it THIRTEEN out of the last FOURTEEN at home (first time in franchise history)

Old Man Millwood
Kevin struggled a bit early, making one wonder whether he’d even get through FIVE, let alone SIX. But, after that rough first he cruised through the second, third and fourth. He hit a blip in the fifth – walking one with one out and then allowing three singles for two runs – but got through six and turned it over to the very capable BP

Charlie was great – tossing TWO scoreless – what a lift to have him back in the pen!

The Bartender
Tom was a bit stirred without his deadly curve tonight but, he wasn’t shaken and with the bases loaded and only one out – his DEE come through with the DEE PEE!!

The Condor
Wow! Michael drives in FOUR of the FIVE runs with TWO 2-run homers!

Eric with a homer and a triple

~ Mr. Robinson with an awesome grab climbing the left field wall + a record 10 put outs in left field
~ Seager with a awesome snare of a hot smash for the first out of the 9th
~ TWO dp’s – including the one to end the game – LOVE LOVE

Dean Rutz | The Seattle Times

g120 | back on track vs. Minny

Mariners 5 | Twins 3

Nice outing by Kuma…
no-no through FOUR and then in the 5th allowed a run just prior to loading the bases with 2-out but, was able to escape further damage. It took him 97 pitches but, he made it through SEVEN

Pryor did his Jekyll and Hyde impression in his only inning…
got the first two batters and then gave up back-to-back homers.

Luetge saved the day by getting the last out in the 8th
The Bartender shut them down, as usual, in the 9th for his 17th save

Elaine Thompson | AP

Oh so good…
Seager and Ryan were the only ones without a hit and most had multi-hits.
The runs and rbi’s were spread nicely throughout the line up with a combination of power (Miggy and Jaso with homers) solid contact (Thames and Robinson with doubles) a little speed (Saunders with a steal)

Stellar DEE…
a nice diving catch in the OF by Trayvon and a 6-4-3 DP

Elaine Thompson | AP

g112 | rough night (early morning) in Baltimore

Mariners 7 | Orioles 8 (in 14)

It was 5-2 after TWO
Seager a 3-blast in the first, Olivo with a solo shot and Trayvon with an RBI single in the second

It was 7-2 after SIX…
Carp and Ackley each with RBI singles in the sixth. And,¬†it could have been more.¬†Ackley singled scoring Carp but Olivo was called out on a great throw by Adam Jones but, the¬†replay showed that Olivo wasn’t tagged.

It was 7-7 after THIRTEEN
Rough night for Lucas…

In the bottom of the FOURTEENTH…
Ackley made a great diving play, threw high from his knees to Carp who was able to pull it down and do a full splits to keep his foot on the bag. Trouble was, he was called safe.

“It cost us the ballgame”¬†–Eric Wedge in the postgame who was tossed after arguing re: the safe call “

“I have nothing to say worth saying. You guys all saw what happened, thoe whole contry saw waht happeden. Now if someone has the decency to say something abut it. That’s it.”¬†–Mike Carp in the clubhouse after the game

– Beavan posted his third straight quality start
– Luetge gave up the homer that tied the game in the 7th (he hadn’t given one up all year)
РPryor, Kinney, Perez, and Kelley combined 7IP Р8H Р3BB Р11K
and then the bad call at 1B, followed by a single, sac bunt, IBB, and the game winning RBI single

Lots of great D in this game…
besides the play that was called wrong, Kyle and Trayvon made some really nice plays as well

In a word – heartbreak.

g110 Series win streak ends at TWO

Mariners 2 | Yankees 6

With the defensive alignment skewed due to Carp leaving to be with his wife and newborn baby and Ryan out with the sore elbow, the defense was shaky to say the least, not to mention the adverse effect on the offense to have two of the hottest hitters (yes, that includes Ryan!) out of the lineup.

They had a chance to get to Freddy in the 1st….
but he was able to limit the damage (3 of the M’s¬†paltry¬†5 hits were in the first inning). The M’s also walked 4 times vs. Freddy (5 total) but were unable to take advantage of the free passes.

good Jesus: 2 rbi singles (vs. a rightie!)
bad Jesus: running thru the stop sign at 3B to become meat at the plate for the third out and a PB
poor Trayvon: THREE a’ em balls
poor Saunders: with that sun, you know someone was going to get a “sun double”

Interesting stat was referred to during the game, so I took a closer look…
M’s have played 73 of their 110 games vs. +.500 competion
Meanwhile, TEX, OAK and LAA have played 57, 59, 66 repectively
So, all things considered, including the crazy travel and the extremely unbalanced home/road schedule in the first half, this young team has faired that bad.

On to Baltimore…via the train, apparently.
What fun – I love the train and it is my “retirement plan” to visit every major league ballpark via rail ūüôā

g99 | the King vs. the Chief and goodbye to Area 51

Mariners 4 | Yankees 2

OK, the minor intrigue of Felix pitching against his long-time idol and good friend, Freddy Garcia, for the first time was over-shadowed (just a bit) by the whole Ichiro is now a Yankee deal…¬†I was extra glad I already planned to attend, even before the news broke.

Oh, a couple of¬†roster moves¬†to mention between last night and game time tonight…
Justin Smoak and Trayvon Robinson switch places between Seattle and Tacoma and Mike Carp is activated from the DL

The jerseys were still regular price…

But most other Ichiro-related items were on sale…

I’ll admit to being a little wistful…

There he was, in his old familiar place, except he had run out of the other dugout and was wearing a different uniform….

So, the first at bat that I saw Ichiro take as a Yankee…

was against Felix Hernandez (a pop-up to 3B)…
I took a little walk around the concourse, as the M’s were taking the lead in the third…

Felix won without his best stuff (in fact, the 8th inning was kinda scary as he hit a couple of batters, including A-rod (who we heard immediately after the game had suffered a broken hand and was going to be put on the DL). Lucas and Tom were awesome (as per usual!) and the offense was able to do just enough against Freddy and the seemingly endless bullpen arms that Girardi cycled through.

On my way out of the ballpark, I lingered a bit longer than normal, knowing some things would be a bit different next time I visited…



Still collecting some thoughts….

st16 & 17 | splittin’ the split squad – 6-1 win, 1-6 loss

Mariners 6 | Brewers 1

Felix appears to be ready and rarin’…

6 innings – 6 strikeouts – 1 hit – 0 runs – 1 walk

And then…

the combination of Jimenez, Fox and Kinney allowed one run on only one more hit (yes – the Brewers were 2-hit!) and no walks

Liddi, Ackley, Robinson – oh my!

Alex and Dustin each with 3 hits (Liddi -homer, Ackley -double) and Trayvon with 2 hits


Mariners 1 | Athletics 6

Iwakuma is ruffed up, again…

giving up 3 earned runs and 5 total in his 5 innings of work but, he did settle down a bit to retire 6 of the last 8 batters he faced and after the game Wedge said¬†Wedge said…

“I think if you look at his last few outings, he has had better stuff and he’s staying down in the zone,” Wedge said. “He still needs to move forward [with] regards to his total game, but we’ve seen some good indicators.”¬†after the game he was encouraged that he saw improvement.

the bully, on the other hand…

well, Kelley and Delabar specifically, was STELLAR! Those two combined for 3IP – 2H – 4K

Ruffin looking like he may not yet be ready for primetime.

the O has seen much better days this spring…

though Ichiro, with his 3 hits, is now over .400 in CL play. Guess his getting comfortable in the 3-hole.