g78 | Tai,~ Terrific, again!

Mariners 7 | Padres 0


Yowsa! Yet ANOTHER great outing from Taijuan . . .

Now gone at least SIX innings in his last SEVEN starts w/o giving up more than THREE runs
His pitch count was low today but, Lloyd trying to preserve his arm
SIX innings ~ ONE hit ~ ZERO runs ~ ZERO walks ~ SEVEN strikeouts

} Vidal, Mark, Nando and Tom were able to keep the shutout going . . .
pitching a combined THREE innings, giving up THREE hits and ONE walk

Look Ma, runs!
~ Is Robbie really turning the corner? FOUR for FIVE w/a homer, a double, THREE RBI and TWO runs scored

~ Nellie also with a multi-hit game: TWO hits (including a homer), TWO runs, TWO RBI

~ Zu with a walk and a run scored
~ Brad with a run scored and LoMo with an RBI

* ONE DP (Robbie to Brad to LoMo)
* Brad with a really nice pick and spin

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g77 | ANOTHER Full Monty!!!

Mariners 5  |  Padres 0


And this one was of the ONE-HIT variety!

What a gem for Monty! His second complete game shutout in as many outings!
What fun it is watching him blossom before our eyes 🙂
NINE innings ~ ONE hit ~ ZERO runs/earned runs ~ FOUR walks ~ SEVEN strikeouts




Only SEVEN total hits but . . .
~ TWO homers (Zu and Brad w/a TWO run shot)
~ and a triple for LoMo
~ AJ w/an RBI single to score Kyle
~ Nellie scored on a ground out and a throwing error

* a DP (LoMo to Brad) ended the 1st of what would be SIX+ super fun innings

* some nice running catches by AJ

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g33 | Vedder Cup = split

Mariners 2 | Padres 4

ducks on the pond

Basically . . .
the Friars got ’em on, got ’em over, got ’em in
the M’s just got ’em on

Taijuan posted a solid, quality start (though he needs to get more efficient – 102 pitches) allowing only a solo homer and a sac fly . . .
SIX innings ~ FOUR hits ~ TWO earned runs ~ ONE walk ~ SIX strikeouts

} Joe allowed a run in the 7th and a lead off single in the 8th who would score after Carson came in and allowed a steal and a WP (his first of the season) but got a couple of K’s and a line out
} Danny shaky again – a HBP on the first pitch to the lead off batter and then a single but then a strikeout and a couple of great plays by our resident 3B GG’er ❤

Well . . .
ONE for THIRTEEN w/RISP sorta tells ya all you need to know about the bats tonight 😦
~ Brad continues his hot hitting (maybe this DH thing will stick) – as he gets BOTH RBI – a homer and an RBI double
~ Zu also had a double (but, also THREE K’s)

* Kyle with not ONE but TWO charging plays (7th and 9th)
* Nellie with a great throw from RF to get the runner going to 3B (unfortunately, there was a runner ahead of him who scored)
* Robbie with a great shoe string catch of a liner

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g32 | goin’ batty for the Vedder Cup!!!!!!

Mariners 11 | Padres 4

going batty

Not used to seeing an offensive onslaught like that!
My mantra is: “Chicks did the long ball but, REAL women love leather” but . . .
even I have to admit THAT was FUN 🙂 (especially in person with friends to share it with!)

After the 1st inning in which he threw all of NINE pitches, I thought, m a y b e this would really be James’ night. He did end up with a SIX inning shutout but, it was far from smooth sailing . . .

Pitching with a FOUR run lead in the 2nd, after retiring the first two batters, he proceeded to walk the bases loaded but, got Barmes to pop up on his THIRTY-EIGHTH pitch of the inning. The Padres also loaded the bases for Barmes in the 4th – this time he struck out. So, ‘t wasn’t always pretty but, the result was great as James records his first victory . . .
SIX innings ~ THREE hits ~ ZERO run/earned runs ~ FIVE walks ~ FIVE strikeouts

} Danny continued to struggle, getting the lead off batter in the 7th but, loading the bases with a single and TWO walks
} Tom came in and got Kemp to hit a ground ball but, Chris booted it so, not only did the runner score from 3rd but, the bases were reloaded. He struck out the next batter then, allowed a single that scored the rest of the inherited runners and ended the inning with a strikeout.
} Charlie retired the Pads in order in the 8th
} Mark had a bit of a rough go (thankfully, the lead was LARGE) allowing a couple of walks, a double and a run

Let’s just say . . .
save some for tomorrow! 😉

~ Nice homer to hit ratio (SIX / FIFTEEN)
~ Kyle got the homer parade going in the 1st with a THREE-run shot
~ LoMo, Nellie  and Justin (pinch-hitting for Brad) all launched solo shots (Justin’s first as a Mariner)
~ Really awesome to see Zu coming around – 3/4 with THREE RBI via TWO homers (all three hits w/TWO strikes)
~ Brad (DH’ing tonight) had consecutive ground rule doubles (one in RF corner, one in LF corner
~ ALL the starters had at least ONE hit, FOUR had multiple hits
~ ALL but TWO starters scored at lease ONE run
~ ALL but THREE starters had at least ONE RBI

* Chris had the error in the 7th that led to TWO unearned runs
* he was also part of a tailor made double-play in the 3rd
* but, the WEB GEM of the night belongs to Dustin Ackley . . .

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g73 | home/road split w/the Pads

Mariners 1 | Padres 4

Erasmo actually pitched VERY well . . . .
He retired the side in order THREE times and both hits allowed were singles – makes one wonder why he was pulled after only 70 pitches (maybe Lloyd knows something we don’t or, maybe he just didn’t want to push his luck)
SIX innings ~ TWO hits ~ ZERO runs ~ TWO walks ~ THREE strikeouts

Unfortunately, it was one of those rare games that the bullpen faltered . . .
} Dom was very un-Dom like ~ allowing back-to-back triples with only one out and it spiraled out of control from there, all the Padres runs were charged to him
} Joe got them out of the 7th but, not before allowing one of the inherited runners to score and Nando just came in because he needed some work (pitched a scoreless 8th)

Not much to see here . . .
* though all but TWO starters had at least ONE hit, only one was for extra-bases (Dustin’s double) and only ONE drove anyone in (Robbie’s single in the 5th – he also had TWO other hits)
* LoMo had a SB

No errors and no DP’s (though they hit into TWO :/ )
I never feel I can speak to the defense unless I actually see/hear the game and, due to the early start time, that wasn’t possible

tweets of the game . . .


g72 | Oh, the O (or lack thereof)

Mariners 1 | Padres 2

This is getting ridiculous . . .
Last THREE Felix starts:  22.1 innings ~ 11 hits ~ 2 earned runs ~ 3 walks ~ 31 strikeouts ~ 0-1 record :/

Tonight Felix gave up a hit to the lead-off batter then proceeded to retire FIFTEEN in-a-row. The only run the Pads scored off him was via a WP
SEVEN innings ~ THREE hits ~ ONE earned run ~ ZERO walks ~ TEN strikeouts

} Charlie gave up an RBI double (ultimately, the winning run) after a very long AB (not pitch count-wise but, lots of stops/starts, calls for time (both by the battery and the batter) w/a runner on 2B. Yourvis allowed a hit but, got the last out of the 8th

~ SEVEN hits, only ONE double (LoMo was stranded at 3B with not outs, as he took 3B on a PB)
~ The M’s only run came in the 2nd: Mike was HBP (what else is new?!?) and Dustin and Brad singled
~ After stealing FOUR bases in the past TWO games, JJ was caught in this one (for only the second time)
~ Kudos to Brad, who is slowly but surely doing his best to climb out of the abyss (at least one hit in EIGHT of his last ELEVEN games (including a double, a triple and a homer)

no DPs and few highlight plays  (though Brad had a nice leaping grab in the 2nd)

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g71 | Roenis splendid, bats go batty!

This would have been a fun one to be at . . .
AWESOME pitching, LOTS of power and nice DEE
(not to mention it would have been a day out of the office 😉 )

Mariners 6 | Padres 1

Roenis with a super outing . . .
LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the ZERO walks and the pitch efficiency (only 87). Keep it up Roenis!
SEVEN innings ~ THREE hits ~ ONE earned run ~ ZERO walks ~ SIX strikeouts

EIGHT hits ~ FOUR for extra bases . . .
~ TWO doubles: Stefen and Kyle (the TWO RBI variety)
~ TWO homers: the exYanks (Jesus and Robbie)
~ JJ with ANOTHER stolen base, THREE hits and a run scored

ONE double-play but, can’t speak to any highlight plays (as I didn’t get to see/hear the game – I vow to attend a weekday day game this season thought!)

tweets of the game . . .