g51 | complete game, in more ways than one!

Mariners 9 | Padres 0

Lookie what happens when the Mariners . . .
1 – pitch completely (though a complete game shutout was far from expected!)
2 – hit profusely & productively (who had ’em scoreing NINE runs, including THREE homers?!?)
3 – catch & throw sparklingly (great to see the “D” back to form, ‘t was looking a bit tarnished lately)

What a difference a week makes!
To be fair, Aaron’s last outing came after FOURTEEN days off after skipping a start with a stiff back. Apparently, his back is all better and he relished the chance to face his “home town” team . . .
COMPLETE GAME SHUTOUT ~ FOUR hits ~ TWO walks ~ EIGHT strikeouts

Way to go, Aaron! | Ted S. Warren, AP

Way to go, Aaron! | Ted S. Warren, AP

Bonus = bullpen gets a day off!

You wanted runs? You got runs  . . .
~ Every starter except Kyle and Carlos had at least one hit (Kyle walked and scored twice)
~ ELEVEN hits, FIVE for extra bases (homers: Jason, Michael M, Kelly ~ doubles: Kendrys, Raul)
~ THREE with multiple hits: Kendrys (3), Michael and Endy (2 each)
~ the “new guy” takes a walk in his first big league AB ~ congrats, Nick!
~ How HOT is Kendrys?!? now hitting over .300 . . .
in his last SEVEN games: 16/30 with ONE homer, SEVEN doubles and NINE rbi

Michael drives in THREE | Ted S. Warren, AP

Michael drives in THREE | Ted S. Warren, AP

It brings my heart joy (and I’m sure Aaron was pretty happy about it too!) to see the stellar DEE . . .
* ENDY with some awesome twisting, turning catches in CF
* KENDRY can move! Nice hustle on a fly pop and quick reflexes on the snare of a low liner
* AARON helps his own cause (not to mention his self-preservation!) by snaring a come-backer and getting a DP
* NICK gets into the game in the top of the 8th and, as per usual, “the ball finds the new guy” TWICE 🙂

what a catch! | Ted S. Warren, AP

what a catch! | Ted S. Warren, AP

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g47 | road trip from hell (that started in heaven) FINALLY over . . .

Mariners 1 | Angels 7

Taking 2/3 from the Yanks seems SOOOOO long ago . . .
Methinks the TWENTY-FIVE man roster might look a bit different come Friday.

Apparently, Maurer’s home was not so sweet . . .
THREE innings ~ ELEVEN hits ~ SEVEN earned runs ~ TWO walks ~ TWO strikeouts

Brandon's bad day | Mark J Terrill, AP

Brandon’s bad day | Mark J Terrill, AP

Eric said in the post game that he is learning a LOT, that he’s handling it all well and that he’s good good stuff but, he’s just going through some things that all pitchers have to go through. I guess he knows better than me but, I’m always a little queazy when a starting pitcher has very little (or NO) AAA experience (another “Brandon” comes to mind).

Charlie and Yoervis and Tom combined for some of the moral victory . . .
FIVE scoreless innings ~ ONE hit ~ TWO walks ~ FOUR strikeouts

Some pretty sad numbers, especially coming off the shutout last night. As heart-breaking as the THREE close games in Cleveland were, they kept coming back and didn’t give up. I’m not saying they lost their heart but, getting down SO far, SO early is pretty crushing. Apparently, there was the dreaded “player’s only meeting” after the game tonight. Seems they rarely make a difference but, maybe they have the right vets in place now their words of wisdom and experience can be taken to heart.

Other moral victories  on the road trip . . .
~ Brendan 11 for 28 including TWO doubles, a homer and THREE walks – increasing his average by 69 points
~ Kendrys 13 for 37 including FIVE doubles and a homer and THREE walks ~ increasing his average by 20 points
~ Justin 7 for 28 including ONE double, TWO (very high leverage) homers and and FOUR walks

* THREE double plays
* Kelly nailed Aybar at 2B in the first (right before the wheels came off for Brandon)

quote of the game . . . 

“It was a tough day for Maurer,” Wedge said. “He just wasn’t able to get the ball down consistently and made a lot of mistakes in the middle and up in the zone. He competed. He battled. This is a tough kid, but he just made too many mistakes.”

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g37 | still split with the A’s

Mariners 3 | Athletics 4

Would have been nice for the M’s to take this one, as it would have earned them second place in the west but, after SIX games, season series stands at 3-3

Due to another social function, I missed the game. From what I heard/read it was equal parts of progress and frustration . . . a lot of great AB’s but, many opportunities lost. And, despite Brandon’s struggles, Kelly lauded his progress and his competitiveness – his ceiling is high, but it’s going to take time.

Brandon only gave up SIX hits in FIVE innings, trouble was, FOUR were for extra bases (TWO doubles, TWO homer) and he also allowed THREE walks. Efficiency is another issue, as it took him 95 pitches to get through FIVE.

Brandon gets a chat | Elaine Thompson, AP

Brandon gets a chat | Elaine Thompson, AP

The bullpen, on the other hand, was efficient and effective (Charlie, Yoervis, Lucas and Carter) . . .

FOUR innings ~ TWO hits ~ ONE earned run ~ ZERO walks ~ FIVE strikeouts

Charlie gave up a lead-off homer in the 6th but, then the combined pen retired the side in order every inning for the rest of the game ~ well, sort of. Carter allowed a lead-off single to Donaldson in the 9th but he was thrown out trying to stretch it into a double, so Charlie ended up facing the minimum.

SEVEN hits ~ but, only ONE for extra bases (Kelly w/ a TWO-run homer, Dustin w/and RBI single)
SIX walks ~ patience is good but, need to take advantage of it, none came around to score

* Endy with a nice play in the outfield to gun down Donaldson trying to stretch a single into a double (I did actually hear the 9th on the radio)
* one DP (Kyle-Dustin-Justin)
* Dustin with a nice diving play to take away a single
* Michael S picked off first 😦

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g13 | Joe stellar, the bats? not so much . . .

Mariners 1 | Rangers 3

Nutshell = great outing by Joe, unfortunate error by Brendan, some much needed hits by struggling batters, a weird DP and an iffy call

* Joe SO deserved the win . . .
SEVEN innings ~ THREE hits ~ ONE UNearned run ~ TWO walks ~ TWO strikeouts
* Carter was sloppy, allowing a walk (though there was a bit of a twitter storm re: a bad call by the ump – I wasn’t watching at the time so didn’t see it), a couple hits, a wild pitch and TWO runs in his ONE inning of work.
* Nice job by Ollie ~ who retired all THREE batters he faced in the 9th

Carter sees his breath as the game slips away | Elaine Thompson, AP

* Some baby steps tonight, despite the loss, (they don’t call me Rosy for nuttin’!)…
Ackley, Seager and Smoak all had hits
* Kelly had a nice AB in the 6th (worked a walk after he had two strikes on him) and a ground rule double (the only extra base hit of the game)  in the 5th and scored the M’s only run on Jason’s first of TWO singles of the night.

Jason’s RBI single was the M’s only run | Elaine Thompson, AP

* Brendan booted what should have been a DP in the 6th that led to an unearned run
* They turned TWO DP’s (one with the bases loaded but a run scored (I watched the replay several times and I still don’t quite understand what happened 😦 )
* Justin took a wicked hop at 1B in the 7th (luckily, it hit him in the chest and not the face this time!) but he recovered and Joe was there to back him up for the third out

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g10 | so much for the “lowly” Astros . . .

Mariners 3 | Astros 8

Earlier today, a couple of announcement were made regarding the roster . . .
* Casper Wells (designated for assignment after ST) was claimed by the Toronto Blue Jays
(Good Luck, Casper!)
* Lucas Luetge sent to Tacoma and Bobby LaFromboise re-called from Tacoma

And the Astros just keep on hitting (including THREE more home runs) . . .
* Blake needed 102 pitches to get through 5.2 innings ~ FIVE runs (FOUR earned) ~ ONE walk ~ FOUR K’s
* Carter gave up THREE runs (including TWO homers)
* Bright pitching spot of the evening was Bobby’s major league debut ~ retired all THREE batters he faced: struck out TWO (including Chris Carter who had FIVE hits, including THREE homers, in the series) and got a ground ball out.

* Kelly provided the M’s first hit and run of the game in the 3rd inning via his first Mariner home run

Kelly’s first Mariner homer | Elaine Thompson, AP photo

* Rauuuuuuul checked in with a ground rule double into right field in the 4th but is left stranded
* Kelly also an RBI double in the 5th (reviewed for a homer) finished 3/3 w/a run, a walk and 2RBI
* Guti with a solo shot (and the last M’s run) on the 9th pitch he sees in the 6th brought the M’s to within ONE

* Scary first play of the game when Michael Saunders made a great catch up against the wall in right field . . .
unfortunately, he hit the wall HARD and had to leave the game with a shoulder injury. During the game they gave an update: strained shoulder, will be re-evaluated tomorrow and expected to miss some time

Michael catches the ball, hits the wall and leaves the game | Elaine Thompson, AP photo

* Guti was inexplicably charged with an error after Brendan lost a ball in the lights (which led to the M’s first unearned run of the season)
* Kelly nice throw to cut down a would-be base-stealer at 2B in the 3rd
*Raul collected an assist with Kyle as they nailed a runner trying to stretch a double into a triple

* new attendance low: 10,493 (sad)
* “BeerCatch” ~ a fan actually caught a foul ball in his beer cup



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