g122-124 | woeful series w/the pale hose . . .

A couple of things that are abundantly clear (though may get a bit lost among the bullpen blow ups and the offensive woes):
~ Much as I love Crazy Legs, have to admit that Ketel is making a great case to be the shortstop of the future – awed by his defense and not too shabby as the lead-off guy
~ Nelson is on FIRE
~ Guti, when in, has also been smokin’ hot
~ Robbie and AJ aren’t doing too bad either
~ the bullpen CAN be lights out but, is usually the opposite

the future is now

Mariners 4 | White Sox 11
‘t wasn’t a very Happy Felix Day . . .
far from his worst outing and, he did give them a chance (which Nando, Dave and Rob did NOT) but, not near what we expect from Felix. As for the bats, the power was there (two homers: Mark and Nellie, a double: Ketel) but, as per usual, the production w/RISP was not.

Mariners 3 | White Sox 6
Really too bad for Vidal . . .
as he pitched really well, allowing only ONE run through his SIX.TWO innings (a solo shot in the 2nd) but, as has been the story more often than not of late – the bullpen (specifically Danny and Carson) melted down, allowing a combined FIVE runs in the 9th (that tied the game) and the 10th (that won the game for the Sox)

Mariners 8 | White Sox 6
Hey, look, a win!!!
A great first FIVE innings for Tai but, then he fell apart a bit in the 6th when he allowed two singles, a double, a homer and FOUR runs (one, an inherited runner that Kensing allowed to score) and Seattle’s lead went from 7-1 to 7-6. Thankfully, the M’s picked up an “insurance run in the 8th and were able to hold on the the 8-6 score as the bullpen of Carson and Tom actually did their job well.

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g117 | TEN is usually WAY more than enough . . .

Mariners 10 | Red Sox 22

football or baseball

If I told you the M’s would collect 13 hits, including 3 home runs, and score 10  . . . .
^ likely your assumption would be WIN
^ likely your assumption would be correct – 99 times out of 100
Unfortunately, the other side scored three touchdowns/extra points +1, so it wasn’t even close

Felix’s TWO worst outings of his career have come this season . . .
today: TWO.ONE innings ~ TWELVE hits ~ TEN runs/earned runs ~ ONE walk ~ TWO strikeout
Jun12: .ONE inning ~ FIVE hits ~ EIGHT runs/earned runs ~ TWO walks ~ ONE strikeout

Let’s not dwell, let’s move on (and hope there isn’t something wrong with Felix)

As for the pen, they had their issues as well . . .
} Danny was just re-called and was able to go nearly THREE innings but, gave up ONE run
} Joe and Dave each gave up FOUR runs
} Tom was the only one who didn’t allow a run
) Bless his heart, Jesus S pitched an inning (for the second time this season) to help save the BP: after getting ONE quick out, he gave up a single and then got another out but then a double, a homer, a single and the RS had THREE more

As mentioned earlier, if you just looked at the offensive box score, you’d have been happy . . . .
~ TEN runs
~ THREE home runs (Zu with a solo shot, AJ and Nellie each w/TWO run blasts)
~ Ketel, AJ, Nellie, Mark and Zu each w/TWO run games

So, the moral victory is that they kept fighting. Even though these last TWO games are extreme outliers, I continue to be much more concerned with the number of runs Mariners pitching has been allowing this season than the lack of runs Mariners hitting has been scoring this season.

* a nice DP for the first TWO outs of the 1st (Felix to Ketel to Jesus M)
* the Red Sox turned TWO against
* Jesus M with his first error

tweets of the game . . .

g115 | Kuma “the No-No” Bear

Wish I coulda been there . . .
Ended up watching the last TWO outs on the TV in the lunchroom at work (was sort of afraid to move before then 😉 )

kuma no-no

photo credit: Seattle Times

Yes, there were . . .
~ THREE Mariner runs scored
~ On only SIX hits
~ FOUR of which were doubles
~ Ketel, Guti and AJ scored the runs
~ Guti, Robbie and Jesus S drove them in

But, the number of the day was ZERO, as in NO hits allowed by Mr. Iwakuma

Let’s just revel and relish as history unfolded on the afternoon of August 12, 2015 at Safeco Field . . . . 







g111 | ooooooh boooooy . . .

Mariners 3 | Rangers 11 (in 11)

blow out

So, believe it or not, this one was tied at THREE from the 4th until the top of the 11th 😦
– The Rangers scored their initial THREE runs in the 4th on an RBI-double, and RBI single and a bases-loaded walk
– The Mariners tied it up in the bottom of the inning with TWO RBI singles and a sac-fly
– Knotted till the 11th when all HECK broke loose (thankfully, as I was on my way to a party, I didn’t see/hear the destruction)

So much for the confidence builder in Minny – Monty had a rough go today . . . .
He threw a TON of pitches (82 – less than half for strikes) and his control wasn’t there FOUR walks, TWO scored)
FOUR innings ~ FIVE hits ~ THREE earned runs ~ FOUR walks ~ FOUR strikeouts

The first SIX guys out of the pen were great: Dave, Mayckol, Nando and Tom combined for SIX scoreless!

and then came the 11th w/Rob and Joe . . .
he gave up SIX runs without recording an out (FIVE straight singles and then a double) without recording an out. Joe promptly allowed another single (allowing the inherited runner to score) got an out then allowed a TWO-run homer before retiring the last two batters.

Only EIGHT total hits and ONE for extra bases (Nellie’s 17 double which extended his hitting streak to 18) and FOURTEEN strikeouts

They had their chances though, the best one coming in the bottom of the 10th when the Rangers IBB’d BOTH Robbie and Nellie but, with TWO outs, Jesus M struck out

* Jesus S involved in a couple of good plays (that were both challenged and ruled in the M’s favor): a pick off of Beltre at 1B and a tag out of Gimenez at Home
* Brad had an OF assist throwing to Robbie to nab the runner trying to advance to 2B
* Zu to Robbie naild Odor trying to steal 2B for the second out in the 9th
* Nice DP to end the 9th (Tom to Brad to Jesus M)

tweets of the game . . . 

g102 | UNhappy Felix Day

Mariners 2 | Diamondbacks 8

I actually attended this one but, time got away, so didn’t recap . . .

I remember that Felix was down 4-0 in the 1st inning before we even took our seats!

It was 90+ degrees and we were there as a ‘work event’ . . .

luckily, another group was there from work and they were in the SHADE, so we sat up with them from the 3rd inning on  . . .

g98 | from studly to stinking . . .

Mariners 6 | Blue Jays 8

we need a pitcher

Seems that when the M’s FINALLY score some runs, their normally steady pitching falls apart . . .
M’s have given up FIVE or MORE runs in THIRTEEN of the TWENTY NINE games they have score FIVE or more

Hardly HapPY . . .
After retiring the side in order in the 1st, JA couldn’t get out of the 2nd . . .
FOUR walks a HBP and a single yielded THREE runs and closed the book on JA
ONE.TWO innings ~ ONE hit ~ THREE runs/earned runs ~ FOUR walks ~ ONE strikeout

} Vidal and Tom actually were pretty respectable in relief, combining for . . .
FIVE.TWO innings ~ FOUR hits ~ ONE run ~ TWO walks ~ FOUR strikeouts
} and then came the FRE: lead-off walk, game-tying homer
} Carson, who should have had the day off but, due to the above issue, had to pitch (WE MISS YOU CHARLIE!) and consequently, was unable to record an out in the top of the 9th: a lead-off walk, a double, a single gave the Tiggers TWO more runs and the lead for good. Joe was able to come in and stop the bleeding, getting a DP and then a strikeout

SIX runs typically means a very good day but, as mentioned above . . .
it seems the M’s are determined to give up more runs than they get even when they score a nice total but, credit where credit is due . . .
~ the first FIVE in the order (AJ, Kyle, Nellie, Robbie, Seth) went 7/19 w/FIVE runs scored and FOUR RBI
~ M’s scored in the first FOUR innings
~ Only TWO extra base hits: Robbie’s TENTH homer, Jesus’ FIRST (not only of the season but, of his CAREER!)

TWO more DPs . . .
* including another OF assist (this time from Seth, who also made his FIRST error of the season)
* and the Joe to Robbie to LoMo to finally record the first two outs of the 9th

tweets of the game . . .

g61 | Felix (yes, The King) 8 earned runs in the 1st ~ Sucre (yes, the catcher) a 1-2-3 8th

Mariners 0 | Astros 10

pigs fly

Felix has had his bad days but, NEVER anything like this . . .
ONE THIRD of an inning ~ FIVE hits ~ EIGHT earned runs ~ TWO walks ~ ONE strikeout

move along, NOTHING to see here . . .
total of FOUR hits ~ all SINGLES 😦

and, this wasn’t much better . . .
TWO double-plays but, an uncharacteristic error by Felix and just generally meh – yuck in the field

tweets of the game . . . 

the GOOD news . . .

g31 | of Kings and milestones and Mother’s Day sweeps . . .

Mariners 4 | Athletics 3

broom button

What a great story re: Jesus and Felix . . .
Jesus lost his mom back during Spring Training so, this was his first Mother’s Day without her. He was hoping to play during the weekend to honor her and the team went to Felix to get his input on which game he should catch (Felix’s or JA’s). Felix apparently did not hesitate – he said that Jesus wanted to honor his mom by playing on Mother’s Day so that’s what he was going to do. And, what a nice day he had! A single, a run scored, a great catch of a foul pop-up and catching Felix’s 2000th career K ❤

Felix being Felix . . .
he needed FIVE strikeouts for his 2000th career K so, of course, he got SIX 🙂

He wasn’t dominating today but, he did what he needed to do and, let’s face it, his “less than stellar stuff” is better than mosts actual stellar stuff.
SEVEN innings ~ FIVE hits ~ TWO earned runs ~ ONE walk ~ SIX strikeouts

the bully does it again! (amazing how a solid performance from the starter carries over to the ‘pen 🙂 )

} Charlie with an efficient and effective 1-2-3 8th inning
} Nando got to shoot his own arrow today (despite making the 9th more interesting than it needed to be, allowing a one-out solo homer) racking up his NINTH save and preserving Felix’s SIXTH victory (first time Felix has been 6-0)

The bats couldn’t get much going early (no hits thru THREE and only FIVE total) but, they managed to do   j  u  s  t   enough . . .
~ in the 4th, Rickie walked, Nellie singled (for the first Mariner hit) and then it was contagious: Kyle and Dustin both doubled (Dustin’s was with TWO outs and scored TWO runs!) and the M’s took the lead for keeps.
~ in the 5th they added on after Jesus singled (his first hit of the season), Seth doubled and Robbie hit a sac-fly to score Jesus

* once again, no DP’s be either team
* Jesus made a great over-the-railing catch of a foul ball in the 7th

tweets of the game . . . 

my photos of the game . . .



g139 | apparently, the M’s were quite the danger to the Rangers, while the Hawks were ‘smacking the pack’

Yes, I admit to being fully distracted from the M’s game since I was actually AT the Seahawks game (I didn’t even check the M’s score once, as I had to turn my phone off to save battery). Needless to say, once I knew both outcomes, it was an even happier ride home on the link 😉

Mariners 10 | Rangers 2

Roenis had a nice outing . . . 
the bad news, still only FIVE innings, the good news only 72 pitches (a low number for him)
FIVE innings ~ SEVEN hits ~ ONE earned run ~ ONE walk ~ ONE strikeout

All-in-all, the Rangers had TEN hits = NINE singles and a solo shot

} Danny gave up the solo shot in the 9th but, other than that, the combined relief of Dom, Brandon, Tom and Dany was spotless

Obviously, a good night for the hitters . . .
~ Austin, Robbie, Chris D and Jesus all with multi-hit games AND at least ONE hit and ONE RBI
~ Robbie led the pack w/FOUR RBI, Jesus w/TWO
~ Ack and both Chrises had multi-score games
~ Chris T walked THREE times

Not too shabby in this category either . . .
FOUR, count ’em FOUR double-plays!

tweets of the game . . .



g137 | half a dozen was J U S T enough . . .

“This young man’s go greatness written all over him. He’s just gotta stay healthy.”
—Lloyd McClendon

Mariners 6 | Athletics 5

half dozen


wOw, James!!!
The A’s didn’t have a runner as far as 2B until the 8th inning (prior to which, they only had THREE hits and ONE walk) and then he made it to 3B after a hit and a GIDP. James posted a career high 7 2/3 innings (only 92 pitches – SEVENTEEN of them came in the 8th inning)

Powerful, effective, efficient . . .
SEVEN.TWO innings ~ FOUR hits ~ TWO earned runs ~ THREE walks ~ TWO strikeouts

The bullpen made it a little too interesting tonight . . .
} Yourvis gave up TWO inherited runners and ONE of his own and, after striking out the first TWO batters
} Nando allowed not ONE, not TWO but, THREE doubles and TWO runs – thankfully, a ground out came next for his 4oth save

Only EIGHT hits but, they made ’em count ~ duces wild in the middle innings  . . .
~ Austin with TWO-run single in the 3rd
~ Endy with a TWO run (hustle!) double in the 4th
~ Kyle with his 21st homer – a TWO-run shot in the 5th
~ Stefen picked off 2B for the third out of the 8th was  a bit deflating – but, it mattered not

Sparkling DEE all.night.long  . . .
* Jesus with a great caught stealing throw
* James made a play (that he didn’t make last time out) off his glove, chased it throw to LoMo at 1B
* Kyle with a nifty leaping catch of a chopper and strong throw to 1B
* THREE, count ’em THREE, double plays!

tweets of the game . . .