g44-46 | every which way but loose . . .

Ho-Hum, just another series victory!


g44 Mariners 0 | Athletics 5
Enough hits (nine) but all singles and TWO errors by Taylor (who was brought up when Marte was placed on the DL)

g45 Mariners 6 | Athletics 5
Still need Nate to go longer but, Monty was AWESOME in relief! As for the bats . . .the hot stay hot and the late innings stay blistering! Robbie w/a TWO run shot in the 8th to bring the M’s to within ONE, Leonys with a TWO run shot to WIN it in the 9th

g46 Mariners 13 | Athletics 3
What series win would be complete without a blowout? Of course, then this is the time we get SEVEN strong from the starter (Kuma) but, we’ll take it (good to see Lind’s bat heating up)

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g99 | of gutsy starts, reliable relief, triple plays, walk-off home runs and series wins

Mariners 6 | Blue Jays 5

putting it all together2

Putting it all together!

Taijaun needed to go STRONG and LONG because of the bullpen situation (meaning DEPLETED)
It wasn’t looking good early for Tai, he wasn’t able to go quite as long as desired but, save for too many walks (he’d only given up ONE in his previous SEVEN starts and gave up THREE today) he really gutted it out . . .
In the 1st, the homer to Donaldson in the 1st didn’t seem a huge concern
– Ugly 2nd: Single, Double, Balk, Single, Error, Walk, SacFly gave the Blue Jays THREE runs before Tai got THREE outs
– In the 3rd a single was erased after a fly ball and a beautiful strike ’em out, throw ’em out DP
– And then the 4th will be one to remember: a TRIPLE play! (explained below In the Field)
– The 5th was a thing of beauty with Tai striking out the side
– 6th not too shabby despite a lead-off walk – a DP followed and then a K (on a 97mph fast ball)
SIX innings ~ SIX hits ~ FOUR runs ~ THREE earned runs ~ THREE walks ~ SIX strikeouts

Considering the condition of the BP going into this game – they did a STELLAR job . . .
} Dave gave up a lead-off homer in the 7th (to Carrera who had just robbed Zu in the last half inning) and walked a batter but was able to escape further damage
} Mark is SUPER STUD! Threw TWO scoreless innings w/THREE strikeouts. Things were a little dicy in the 9th when he had TWO on, TWO out but got Donaldson to groundout and kept the game tied.

THIRTEEN hits in all, only THREE extra-base hits but, they were BIG ones . . .
~ AJ with a lead-off homer in the bottom of the 1st
~ Nellie with a TWO-run bomb to tie the game in the 7th

~ Guti with a solo shot w/TWO outs in the bottom of the 10th 🙂

M’s had runners on in every inning except the 2nd and the 8th . . .
~ Only TWO batters (Mark and Chris) were without at least ONE hit
~ FIVE batters had multi-hit games (including ZU with THREE!!)
~ Top of the order (AJ, Kyle, Nellie) was 6/14 w/THREE runs and FIVE RBI

In the 3rd, they singled Buehrle to death: THREE straight singles (Brad, Mike, AJ) for their second run and then TWO more (Nellie and Robbie) for their third (to bring it back to a ONE run game). Guti also drew a walk (Buehrle hadn’t given up a walk in his past five starts)

So happy to see Zu coming ’round. He had THREE more hits and scored a run (did NOT strikeout). In the 6th, he missed a TWO-run shot by mere INCHES as Carrera robbed him at the yellow line.

Well, you don’t see THIS everyday . . .

* they also turned TWO DPs (Zu to Chris and Mark to Miller to Mark)
* error by Chris at 2B messes up chance for a DP in the 3rd

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g42 | back to “close and clean” . . .

Mariners 3 | Blue Jays 2

how you draw it

This is how we expected things to go . . .
solid starting pitching, stellar relief and just enough offense to keep it CLOSE, along with CLEAN defense to make a difference

James was a little shaky early but, great the rest of the way . . .
he gave up a lead-off double, a wild pitch, a single, a walk and a run on a sac fly – all in the 1st (breaking his 20-inning scoreless streak) but, was able to limit the damage and, after a visit from Lloyd in that 1st inning, he settled down nicely . . .
SIX innings ~ FOUR hits ~ TWO earned runs ~ THREE walks ~ FOUR strikeouts

and as for the ‘pen – EXACTLy as you’d write it up when you need THREE innings. . .
} The Bartender with a scoreless 7th
} Carson with a scoreless 8th
} Nando not only a scoreless 9th (for his TWELFTH save – “Dirty Dozen” 😉 ) but, he got them 1-2-3, no drama!

Only SIX total hits but, then made ’em count!
~ Kyle’s solo shot in the top of the 2nd tied the game at ONE
~ Willie’s TWO-run double in the 3rd, scoring Chris and Rickie, gave the M’s the lead they would not relinquish

No question the DEE played a part, and a pretty one, indeed!
* awesome “step and a dive” by Kyle in the 3rd
* Willie earns an OF assist getting a runner at 2B from RF in the 4th

* Robbie with a “very Robbie” play – catch of a smash liner and an nonchalant flip to 2B for the DP in the 6th

* nice sliding catch by Ack for the last out of the 7th

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g41 | Felix and Nellie and Nando, oh my!

Mariners 4 | Blue Jays 3

oh my

Nice to see Felix conquer the team/park that gave him fits last season as well as bounce back from his worst (last) start this season . . .
SEVEN innings ~ FOUR hits ~ ONE earned run ~ TWO walks ~ EIGHT strikeouts

} Carson with a scoreless 8th
} Nando . . . er, dramatics again . . . a double and a homer made it WAY more interesting than it needed to be but, his ELEVENTH save was recorded to preserve Felix’s SEVENTH victory

Only SIX total hits but, nice extra-base hit ratio . . . 
~ Nellie’s (league leading) SEVENTEETH homer
~ LoMo with a TWO-run triple
~ Zu with a ground rule (fan interference) RBI double (and Nellie also had a double)

THREE, count ’em THREE! double-plays . . .
* Kyle to LoMo
* Robbie to Chris to LoMo
* Chris to Robbie to LoMo

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g38-40 | FOUR is the SCORE but, overall, woes at the O’s

Mariners 4 | Orioles 9

  • Tai gave up more hits than Mariners got
  • the bullpen pitched one more inning than Tai but, also gave up one more run
  • TWO double-plays turned but also an error (Nellie) and a PB (Zu)

Mariners 4 | Orioles 2

  • Elias was EXCELLENT: SEVEN.TWO innings ~ SIX hits ~ ONE earned run ~ ZERO walks ~ FOUR strikeouts
  • the bottom of the order did the producing: batters 6-9 w/all FOUR RBI (Justin w/a TWO-run homer)
  • Nando made it a bit interesting in the 9th but, in the end, recorded his TENTH save and Roenis’s FIRST victory

Mariners 4 | Orioles 5 (rain delayed)

  • JA’s roughest outing to date but, had the rain not come, might have been different: he gave up a grand slam in the 1st but, ended up striking out the side in the 2nd but, the rain delay after the top of the 3rd he wasn’t able to get a shot at redemption
  • the bats came back after the delay: TEN total hits but, all singles and only THREE for FIFTEEN w/RISP
  • the BP of Tom, Mark, Joe and Charlie put up THREE.TWO hitless/scoreless innings after the delay (w/SIX strikeouts)
  • enter Lord Farquhar 😦 who gave up TWO hits and the winning run

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g34 | another ONE run loss . . .

Mariners 1 | Red Sox 2

this close

Great to see Roenis go SIX+ with a reasonable pitch count (89) and, more importantly, only ONE run (solo shot)
SIX.ONE innings ~ EIGHT hits ~ ONE earned run ~ TWO walks ~ TWO strikeouts

} Mark and Charlie combined to finish the 7th
} Carson posted another scoreless inning (w/two strikeouts)
} Nando in with the game tied 1-1 in the 9th allowed a lead-off double, a sac bunt, a HBP and a sac-fly (which Rickie also dropped, which extended the inning but, the run would have scored regardless) which, ultimately, gave the Red Sox the win

Frustration ran high tonight . . .
~ M’s loaded the bases with ONE out in the 4th and failed to score (Zu struck out and Ack grounded out)
~ Justin came in to pinch hit in the 7th and absolutely stung it to RF and Victorino made a great catch, crashed in to the wall and was able to recover and throw to double the runner (Chris) off 1B
~ they had TWO on with ONE out in the 8th and Kyle hit into a DP
~ Only SIX total hits (all singles) and 0-6 w/RISP 😦

* Brad started his first ever game in LF – of course, the first play was to him – and, he caught it!
* Zu caught Ramirez stealing 2B – TWICE!
* M’s turned TWO once but, had TWO turned against them TWICE (one was that play by Victorino)

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g26 | steering the ship to stop the streak

Mariners 3 | Angels 2

Thank you, Felix!steering the ship

Yes indeed, that’s just what the ship’s doctor ordered!
Felix did what he could (and more!) to get the M’s back on the right course. His first wild pitch of the season came w/Trout at the plate and while it sent Aybar to 2B, he was left stranded as Felix’s next pitch sent both Mr. Trout and Mr. Aybar back to the dugout 🙂

The homer Felix allowed to Joyce in the 7th was the first long ball he’d allowed since the one to Trout on Opening Day and, it would be the only run he allowed in this game. Felix was Felix, and then some, earning some lofty spots in the record books . . .
SEVEN innings ~ SIX hits ~ ONE earned run ~ ONE walk ~ EIGHT strikeouts 

the bully . . . . 
} Carson was great (as per usual) allowed a hit but also THREE ground outs in the 8th
} Nando was an adventure (as per usual) allowed a solo shot to let the Halos within ONE and then a TWO out walk but, a poor decision by the pinch runner (Cowgill) to run made him dead meat, Nando a saviour (via Zu) and the M’s victors.

Well, FOUR hits typically isn’t anything to write home about but . . .
~ when THREE of them are homers it’s a bit brighter (Cruz and LoMo, of course, and Seth!) 🙂
~ Chris Taylor was called up (to replace AJ who went to the DL) and started at SS – couple of K’s

Couple of su-wEET DP’s . . .
* Robbie slid and tossed to Chris and Chris threw to LoMo
* Nellie caught a fly ball and made a strong throw that LoMo dug out to double up Trout

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on btw . . .

g161 | win in #161 = meaningful #162 and chance for #163

WOW – what a game!
To see young guys who failed at their first opportunity come through in their second chance . . .
sort of a microcosm of the season and bodes well for the future no matter the outcome tomorrow. These players are learning what it’s like to play meaningful baseball in September and that experience is INvaluable going forward.

smooth sea









Mariners 2 | Angels 1 (in 11)

James had a nice bounce-back from the nightmare that was his start in Toronto . . .
Didn’t make it through SIX and threw a LOT of pitches but, ONE earned run? (and it came in the only inning -2nd- that he had any trouble so, nice he was able to limit the damage) We’ll take that every time!
FIVE.TWO innings ~ FOUR hits ~ ONE earned run ~ THREE walks ~ FOUR strikeouts

The bullpen was NAILS . . .
} Danny, Charlie, Carson and Yourvis combined for TWO.ONE innings of NO hits + NO runs
} Nando (tie game – eeek!), Tom and Dom each gave up ONE hit in their ONE inning of work but NO runs

Not a whole lot going against CJ for the first SIX innings . . .
~ In the 7th – a Kyle walk and a LoMo double tied the game at ONE
~ In the 9th – a GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY turned to lead – as the bases loaded w/NO outs and they could not score (Brad and Chris each struck out and Austin lined out)
~ More opps in the 10th – Ack led off with a single, Robbie grounded out (moving Dustin to 2B) then Kendrys was intentionally walked, Humberto struck out and LoMo grounded out
~ Then the magic that was the 11th –  three “goats” of the 9th became HEROS – Brad doubled with ONE out, Chris T singled (moving Brad to 3B) and Austin collected the GW RBI w/a walk-off fielder’s choice . . .

*** MARINERS WIN!!! ***

* Kyle with a rare mis-play allowed the Halos only run to score
* Dustin made an awesome running grab in the 10th
* Endy mis-played the very next ball in play, putting a runner at 2B w/TWO outs . . . luckily, it didn’t matter

tweets of the game . . .