g154 | team meltdown . . .









Mariners 1 | Astros 10 

Mr Young’s struggled continued . . .
He gave up TWO 2-run homers in the 1st, an RBI double in the 2nd and back-to-back solo shots in the 4th which is when Lloyd finally made the switch . . .
THREE innings ~ EIGHT hits ~ SEVEN earned runs ~ ONE walk ~ THREE strikeouts

} Erasmo came in to relieve Chris and basically cruised through the 4th, 5th and 6th allowing only a walk and a single and no runs. Then came the 7th – where a THREE-run homer sealed the deal for the ‘stros
} Lucas had mop up duty – retired the side in order in the 9th

Move along, nothing to see here but, ONE walk by Austin, who scored the only run on Robbie’s RBI hit . . .
Things looked good in the 4th with THREE straight singles and no outs – Chris T struckout and Austin grounded into a (controversial – out on interference) double play. Only THREE more scattered singles the rest of the way.

Only ONE double-play turned but, THREE turned against them

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g141 | “It was worth the wait.” —Lloyd McClendon

Mariners 4 | Rangers 2


Mr Young had a nice bounce-back start – didn’t go far and didn’t get the win but, kept ’em in it . . .
Too many walks (although ONE was intentional) and too many pitches prevented him from getting a career high THIRTEENTH victory but, still worlds beyond his last start and still a serious candidate for Comeback Player of the Year
FIVE innings ~ FOUR hits ~ TWO earned runs ~ ZERO earned runs ~ THREE walks ~ SIX strikeouts

The bullpen strikes (’em down) again . . .
} Carson, Charlie and Danny combined for THREE scoreless innings, Danny went TWO and got the W
} Nando a quiver-free 1-2-3 9th for his league-leading 43rd save

ELEVEN total hits – only TWO w/ RISP but, it was enough . . .
~ Kyle was the star – which is nothing new, especially vs. the Rangers – THREE hits and only TWO w/RISP, including the game-tying homer in the 4th and a single and a run-scored in the 8th
~ Awesome to see Brad contributing – even in his now reduce roll – FOUR hits today, including a double
~ Robbie had a hit and scored a run
~ Kendrys had another TWO hits – he and LoMo each recorded RBI singles
~ the bad news of the day was Dustin coming out of the game with an ankle injury of some sort 😦

* Ack with a nice sliding catch of a pop foul – had to run far and slide in time
* M’s didn’t turn any DP’s but did have TWO turned against them
* Danny with a pick-off at 1B
* Brad with an error which was followed by the unearned runs

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g136 | oy . . .

::: The good news: M’s pitching held the A’s to ONE run over 7.1 innings 🙂
::: The bad news: the A’s scored FIVE runs in the first .2 innings 😦

To say it wasn’t Chris’s day (again) is a bit of an understatement . . .
This was the shortest outing of his career (which was preceded by another very short outing)
.TWO inning ~ FOUR hits ~ FIVE earned runs ~ TWO walks ~ ZERO strikeouts

Here’s hoping the M’s starting staff, in general, can pick it up in the coming days and weeks – TOO MANY short outings of late.

The bright spot of the day was Taijuan’s outing of long relief . . .
at one point, he retired TEN straight and he through 89 pitches – 61 for strikes!
SIX innings ~ SIX hits (ONE double, the rest singles) ~ ONE earned run ~ TWO walks ~ SIX strikeouts

} Joe and Carson (major league debut) finished off the 8th (which, unfortunately, was the A’s final inning) by retiring the side in order.

Not much to see here . . .
I mean REALLY not much to see here . . .
Brad hit a solo shot – which accounted for ONE THIRD of the M’s hits (Kyle and Endy each hit singles). They actually had more walks (5) than hits (when does THAT ever happen?)

Only turned ONE DP and Zu had a PB

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g128 | comeback kids strike again for the series WIN!!!


whodathunk the M’s would win TWO games where they only scored in TWO of EIGHTEEN innings . . .

7 in 1





Mariners 7 | Red Sox 3

Mr. Young posted his shortest start since his second of the season . . .
he left with the bases full and a 7-3 lead but, would settle for a ND
THREE.TWO innings ~ SEVEN hits ~ THREE earned runs ~ FIVE walks ~ TWO strikeouts

} Tom ended up with the win and started off by striking out the first batter he faced  w/the bases loaded
} Charlie, Danny and Yourvis finished it up – all FOUR relievers combined for FIVE.ONE scoreless

Another CRAZY game where ALL the runs came in ONE inning, this time the 4th . . .
as well as SEVEN of their TEN hits:  FIVE singles (Kendrys, Kyle, Jesus, Chris T and Austin), ONE double (Chris D) and a THREE-run homer by Dustin

there were TWO errors (Ack throw, Austin fielding) and TWO double-plays


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g123 | Good pitching beats good hitting . . .

. . . and good hitting beats mediocre pitching.


Pretty impressive that the M’s pitching was able to limit the high-scoring Tiggers to SEVEN runs in this series and consequently take TWO of THREE (who knows – if it weren’t for a silly, vindictive umpire, they could have pulled off a SWEEP!) and take a HALF-game lead on the second Wild Card spot as they head to Philly.


Mariners 8 | Tigers 1

Mr. Young, you are incredible!
2013 Baltimore Orioles Photo Day


  • Book-ended his start by retiring the side in order in the 1st and the 6th
  • Allowed a one-out double in the 2nd, one-out walk , TWO SB in the 3rd, one-out single in the 4th
  • Only real trouble came in the 5th when the first TWO batters singled and a ground ball out left runners at 1B and 3B w/ONE out but, TWO shallow fly ball outs and he escaped w/o damage

SIX innings ~ FOUR hits ~ ZERO runs/earned runs ~ ONE walks ~ FOUR strikeouts



Tom, Danny and Yourvis weren’t real sharp – they combined for FOUR walks in their THREE innings . . .
} Tom’s walk was interesting, as it resulted in Lloyd’s second ejection in as many games (Randazzo again – this time he threw him out from 3B!
} Danny’s walk ended up scoring as he allowed a double that drove the walker in
} Yourvis allowed TWO walks (w/ONE out) but, thankfully was saved by PBF (4-6-3 DP)

btw ~ the Tiggers TOP THREE ended up 0/10 today 🙂 

Nice to see double-digit hits and advantage taken on Tigger miscues (FOUR runs were UNearned) . . .
~ only TWO extra-base hits – Chris T double, Chris D triple
~ great to see Chris D contributing – 3/5 with an RBI triple
~ Austin, Robbie, Kendrys and Kyle all with TWO hits
~ runs all throughOUT the line up and RBIs from the middle

M’s DEE was solid as usual, Tiggers not so much . . . 
* Only ONE DP but, it ends the game (4-6-3)
* Tiggers had NO DPs and THREE errors that accounted for FOUR earned runs
* Davis stole THREE bases but, for naught

tweets of the game . . . 



p.s. be interesting to see what, if any, action Mr. Torre takes on the “reports” ~ one filed after each of the last TWO games ~ re: Randazzo’s falderal


g119 | 11 ~ 34 ~ 64 ~ 400

by the numbers . . .
– Chris Young gets win #11
– Fernando Rodney earns save #34
– Mariners record victory #64
– Lloyd McClendon collects career victory #400



Mariners 6 | Blue Jays 3

” . . . one of the best managers and people I’ve been around in this game.”
—Chris Young on Lloyd McClendon

Mr Young just keeps doing his thing at The Safe and, get a load of this . . .

SIX innings ~ TWO hits ~ ONE earned run ~ TWO walks ~ THREE strikeouts

} Charlie gave up a double but, only needed SEVENTEEN pitches to get FOUR outs
} Brandon had his first real rough patch since joining the pen – giving up TWO runs on THREE hits (he’d only allowed ONE run over the past 20.2 innings)
} Joe took over for Brandon when it appeared he was not going to get out of the 8th – he got TWO outs but, not before allowing an inherited runner to score
} Nando with TWO quick outs (a strikeout and a grounder) then allows a walk and another grounder to end the game and earn that 34th save

Only EIGHT hits but, when that nets you SIX runs – we’ll take it!
EIGHT games into this NINE game home stand, only ONE game where they scored less than FOUR runs (TWO where they scored double-digits)
~ Great to see Kendrys coming ’round – a double and a homer tonight
~ LoMon extends his hitting streak to 13-games, recording a single, a double and a run scored (from 1B, due to Rasmus’ error)
~ Kyle continues his assault on his home field w/ his 18th homer of the season 15 at home
~ Dustin keeps it rollin’, adding on in the 5th w/ a TWO-run single
~ there was some hitlessness (Robbie, Mike and both Chrises) but, guess it’s a good thing that they can score SIX runs w/FOUR guys goin’ 0’fer

After a plethera of DP’s the past few days – not a ONE was turned in this one.
* Just solid DEE and ONE spectacular leaping catch to end the game – nice job, Dustin!

tweets of the game . . .

g113 | series (and season!) sweep of the Braves

Mariners 7 | Braves 3

Safeco Field in the Seattle summer sunshine (especially on a WEEKDAY afternoon)  . . .
doesn’t get much better. (well, except a WIN and we got that too!)

sunny safeco 8.6.14

Mr. Young started out on cruise control . . . 
he retired the side in order (w/THREE K’s) in the first TWO innings. Then came the 3rd where he loaded the bases via THREE straight singles and then walked in a run (ugh!) and then gave up a TWO-run double. Chris hung in there, and though he threw a ton of pitches (92) he was able to post FIVE full and, ultimately (thanks to some awesome O) earn the victory.
FIVE innings ~ SEVEN hits ~ THREE earned runs ~ ONE walk ~ SIX strikeouts

The bullpen was fully rested (since the off-day on Monday was book-ended by Kuma and King’s 7+ innings) so, maybe a good thing that they got some low leverage work in . . .
} Joe allowed a hit to the only batter he faced but, Dom and Tom each pitched ONE scoreless frame
} Charlie and Yourvis combined for TWO more scoreless innings

The bats breakout!
And, turns out I missed the 3rd inning hit parade, due to the fact I was a little late to the ball park and then decided to eat my chicken and garlic fries in the sunshine of the third level concourse (it was beautiful!) Anyhoo, by the time I took my seat, the M’s were leading 5-3
~ Ack, Robbie and Kyle all had multi-hit games
~ Ack and LoMo each with homers (LoMo’s of the THREE-run variety!)
~ Chris keeps contributing – he built a picket fence: ONE hit, ONE walk, ONE run, ONE rbi
~ Jesus was the only hitter without as least ONE hit

Love, love, lovin’ the DEE!
* Austin with a nice OF assist
* Dustin with an awesome running catch (that, frankly I though he might lose in the sun as he had a few innings earlier) . . .

tweets of the game . . . 


g104 | lookie here, runs!

Mariners 4 | Orioles 3

Chris Young. Sensational.
wow – holding the O’s scoreless on just TWO hits?!?! I’m thinking Mr. Young is deserving of Comeback Player of the Year AND Unsung hero
SEVEN innings ~ TWO hits ~ ZERO earned runs ~ ZERO runs ~ THREE walks ~ EIGHT strikeouts

} So, the bullpen finally showed they were mortal, as Danny and Joe and Yourvis did NOT have a good day. Danny took over for Chris in the 8th and after TWO ground ball outs, he hit Adam Jones and walked Cruz. Enter Joe who threw a wild pitch and then (see in the field) TWO runs score on an error. Enter Yourvis who promptly gives up a single and an inherited runner along with it. But, there was the slimmist of margins to spare
} Congrats to Nando on his 28th save of the season and the 200th of his career!!!

Another game of single-digit hits but, also one of runs greater than TWO and THREE for EIGHT w/RISP . . .
~ Dustin just keeps on hitting . . .
~ TWO doubles today and TWO runs scored
~ Robbie also had a double, a run scored and an RBI
~ Kyle and Kendrys each had ONE hit and ONE RBI (LoMo w/the other RBI)

* rare Kyle error in the 7th allows the O’s first TWO runs to score
* rare final out – Nando catches Lough stealing 2B

tweets of the game . . .


g98 | oh. so. close.

Mariners 5 | Angels 6

this close

I wasn’t able to see this one (as I was attending my fabulous father-in-law’s 90th birthday party!). Although I did hear the bottom of the 9th in the car on the way home 😦

‘t was a heart-breaker today but, to lose the first game in SIXTEEN innings, to win the second game in TWELVE innings and to have the third game come down to the 9th – I’d say the M’s are no longer looked upon as a ‘weak sister’ in the ALW (where they are 27-23)

As I’ve pointed out many times, the M’s play to the level of their competition like nobody’s business . . .
^ 28-18 vs .500 or better teams
^ 24-28 vs under .500 teams


Chris posted yet another QS, impressive considering the competition . . .
He threw a LOT of pitches and gave up a LOT of hits (including THREE doubles and TWO homers) but walked ZERO and was able to manage severe damage control. FIVE of his SEVEN strikeouts came in the first TWO innings
SIX innings ~ TEN hits ~ THREE earned runs ~ ZERO walks ~ SEVEN strikeouts

} Yourvis pitched the 7th and recorded TWO strikeouts but also gave up a run to get the Halos one run closer at the time (5-4)
} In the 8th, Joe gave up a single and a fly out and Nando came in to get the final TWO outs. Unfortunately, he shot his arrow ONE inning too soon, as he would return for the 9th and . . . walk Trout, give up the game-tying double to Pujols, give up a single to Hamilton, IBB Kendrick and, AMAZINGLY, get Freese to GDIP (including an out at home of course) to extend the inning and the game. But then, after IBB’ing Navaro (Friday night’s 16th inning hero) Green would get a base hit – the game winner. And Nando would get the loss AND the blown save (his third).

Started out oh, so promising . . .
Kyle hit a TWO out solo homer in the first and then FOUR consecutive singles (Stefen, Justin, Corey, Dustin) scored TWO more giving the M’s the 3-0 lead in the 1st

Kudos to Halos pitcher Skaggs who really settled down, keeping the M’s off the board in innings 2-6. But, in the 7th, the M’s broke through again . . .
Zu collected a ONE out RBI double (scoring JJ, who pinch ran for Corey) and then Endy hit a TWO out single to score Zu

~ Willie was the only starter without at least ONE hit
~ Kyle and Zu both had TWO hits
~ RBI and runs were sprinkled nicely throughout the lineup

Since I didn’t see or hear (except the 9th) all I can say re: the DEE is . . .
what a double-play (the second of the game) in the bottom of the 9th!


tweets of the game . . . 


g95 | TWO outta THREE ain’t bad . . .


Mariners 1 | Athletics 4

2 out of 3

Mr. Young cruised through the first FOUR innings . . .
– He retired the side in order in the 1st, 2nd and 4th, allowed a double, but no runs, in the 3rd
– Then in the 5th, a double, a walk and TWO singles gave the A’s a 2-1 lead
– He gave up a homer to Moss (21st) in the 6th, his last inning, to extend the A’s lead to 3-1
six innings ~ five hits ~ three earned runs ~ one walk ~ two strikeouts

} The bully of Danny, Charlie, Brandon and Joe combined for ONE run (solo shot by Punto off Joe, who hadn’t given up a run since April 26th) on TWO hits, NO walks and TWO strikeouts

Scoring was early but, not often, tip o’ the cap to Sonny Gray . . . 
~ M’s first and only run came in the 1st inning when JJ singled, got to 3B on a throwing error on a pick-off attempt and scored on a ground out by Robbie. None of their SIX hits were for extra bases and All Star Seager was the only one with multiple hits.
~ Speaking of Kyle – he had a rough AB/on base stint in the 6th – he singled right after taking a foul ball off his foot then was hit by a batted ball as he was advancing from 1B to 2B on a hit by LoMo. The really sucky thing is that it was the third out 😦

* NO DP’s on either side
* Really nice one hop back-handed snare by Brad for the 1st out of the 9th
* Justin was busy in his second game back w/SEVEN POs at 1B, so was Dustin – he recored EIGHT POs in LF

tweets of the game . . .


four star




Good Luck and Best Wishes to our FOUR All Stars . . .

Felix, Robbie, Kyle and Nando – we know you’ll do us proud!!!